In Memorium

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Nom du groupe ADX
Nom de l'album In Memorium
Type Compilation
Date de parution 1998
Style MusicalSpeed Metal
Membres possèdant cet album53


1. Le Fléau de Dieu
2. Notre Dame de Paris
3. Fortune Telling
4. L'Etranger
5. Mémoire de l'Eternel (Live)
6. L'Ordre Sacré
7. Déesse du Crime
8. Sign of the Time
9. Suprématie
10. Les Enfants de l'Ombre (Live)
11. Marquis du Mal (Re-Recorded 1998)
12. King of Pain
13. Brocéliande (Live)
14. Caligula
15. Lost Generation
16. Tourmente et Passion (Live)

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Chronique @ hack

24 Décembre 2009
Last summer, I was shopping on I-Tunes for the new album by the American black metal band, In Memorium. They had their first album, that I also have. So I clicked onto another album called In Memorium, that I thought was from the same band. It sounded a lot different and way better. It kicked ass. I was impressed, so I looked at it more closely. I saw that it was from the French speed metal band, ADX. I listened to the samples and I bought it, because it sounded great.

They formed about 27 years ago, in the early '80's. This album is a compilation of some of their best songs from their earlier albums. They are from Ile-De-France, which is the same Parisian suburb, that Aosoth, and Temple Of Baal come from. This speed metal quintet are one of France's legendary metal bands and they have been inducted into the France Metal Museum.

There are 16 tracks on this compilation, 12 of these songs are in French, and 4 of them are in English. Vocalist Phillippe Grelaud's voice reminds me of Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister, but their music rocks far better than Twisted Sister. Twisted Sister is a joke compared to ADX. Guitarists Pascal Collobert and Herve Tasson play on a par with metals greatest guitarists. They sound as good as Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, and Kirk Hammett(although they play a different style of metal). Bassist Frederic Deuchilly seems to have some influence from Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. The drum playing of Didier Bouchard is very skilled and speedy.

This album thrashes and shreds with a lot of explosive melodies and rhythms. The songs are fast and they kick ass. The songs are very well written, but don't expect anything like Metallica or Megadeth. It sounds more comparable to the best songs by Savatage, Armored Saint, or Blessed Death. This album is well worth the money. I'm wondering why we didn't have this band available in the USA in the '8o's, when we would have enjoyed it most. Nevertheless, it's a timeless work of metal art, so it still rivals the best contemporary releases.


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