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interview Undercover Slut1-About a year and a half has passed by since we first met. At this time we were in Los Angeles and you were about to record 'AMF'. Can you tell us what happened during the last year?
'O' : We've been busy-as-fuck! Tonsa cool shit happened. We headlined both the Whisky A Go Go and the Viper Room in L.A., opened for The Damned in Paris, then performed at Le Trabendo with Japan's DIO, co-headlined Club AntiChrist in London with Circus Of Horrors, released 'Hollywood Noir' on vinyl, did a photo-shoot & a video shoot with Dean Karr, & of course released 'Amerikkka Macht Frei' on OFFENSIVE RECORDS, signed a distribution deal, headlined La Locomotive early May, and recently co-headlined that J-Music Fest in Lyon.

2-Recording at the Chop Shop is not accessible to anyone, it's a kind of 'select' studio, how was the collaboration with Chris Baseford?
'O' : Recording at the Chop Shop was a blessing. That recording studio is fuckin' amazing! All the bad guys recorded their albums there, including UNDERCOVER SLUT now! Working with Chris has been a pleasure. His recording skills involving alot of discipline. Previous to us, Chris produced Tommy Lee's solo stuff, Rob Zombie, John 5, Genitorturers, and of course the almighty 'Amerikkka Macht Frei'.

3-Why did you do a song about Anna Nicole Smith and Dali, pretty intriguing choice?
'O' : Both individuals are dead now! I wrote that song on Anna Nicole after reading an interview she gav e to Hustler Magazine. Regarding Dali, that man simply fascinates me! I simply hope he would have been proud of my lyrics... Hail to Salvatore!

4-Another thing has caught my attention, the intro with this weird backward message, what is it about?
'O' : 'Amerikkka Macht Frei' will be available on vinyl soon or later. Whenever it's out, play that record backwards and see how offensive 'intOx' and 'detOx' really are.

5-Let's talk about the lyrics now, you wrote about very particular subjects always on the polemic edge ('What Kinda Lamb Do Ya Think I
interview Undercover Slut Am?', 'Creature Feature'...) the words are very strong and proclaiming. Do you have a particular message that lies behind those lyrics?
'O' : I am a free spirit and very proud of it. Nobody tells me what I should do or not. I am very prolific with lyrics too! I write lyrics, songs ideas on a daily basis. 'What Kinda Lamb Do Ya Think I Am?' is an universal message to worldwide masses getting fucked in the ass by democratic systems... 'Creature Feature' is a pro-dignity song, anti-crying babies religions, lobbies, casts, etcetera...

6-Why did you call that album 'Amerikkka Macht Frei' America sets free?
'O' : 'Arbeit Macht Frei' = Hegel's philosophy used by Nazis during WWII circa 1939/1945. Then over 60 years later, in year Two Thousand Hate exactly, France's most hated A.K.A. UNDERCOVER SLUT recorded an album in Amerikkka and decided to20baptise it 'Amerikkka Macht Frei'.

7-We cannot talk about 'Amerikkka Macht Frei' without talking about the celebrities that feature on this album. How did you meet Eric Griffin and the others?
'O' : I met Eric when he was working at Serious on Melrose. Back then, he was playing guitar in Synical, Murderdolls weren't born. Performed with Synical twice at King King Hollywood, played in Paris with Wenesday 13, when Eric was in. Were supposed to play in Milan with Synical, unfortunately didn't happen.
Teddy Heavens? The brain behind L.A.'s self-proclaimed 'Kings of Noise' A.K.A. Rebel Rebel. Met him on Hollywood Blvd. to get tickets for 1 of their shows, kept in touch with him ever since, played in Vegas, L.A., San Diego, Paris with 'em, got married in Vegas during 1 tour, Teddy was my best man... Recently came up on stage in Paris to perform 'Dali Was A Junkie' & our own kick-ass version of 'Shout At The Devil'.
Matthew Roberts is Charles Manson's son. He was introduced to me by Marilyn Manson's ex-girlfriend while we were finishing touches at the Chop Shop. He totally looks like his dad, amazing! Smart individual too!

8-'Amerikkka Macht Frei' changes radically from the last album which was released 3 years a
interview Undercover Slutgo. The sound is totally different, no more industrial nor electronic drums, it's a pure modern rock with an amazing production. Was the change of style done naturally or had you been wanting to come back to this agressive rock=2 0sound for a long time?
'O' : New guitarist, new bassist, new drummer = new artistic approach!

9-Did you get any difficulties in composing this album?
'O' : Not really. All those songs were quickly written in Paris before heading to the U.S. Where we did a couple shows in NYC, some more in Cali., ending up that tour with a bang at the Whisky, then started pre-prod. w/ Brides Of Destruction producer, who after a while was so fucked-up on drugs, we decided to move on, and finished the album at the Chop Shop.

10-Even to shoot the video of 'Shadow Song' you had the chance to work with the well-known Dean Karr who also took the pictures for the booklet. He's worked with the biggest bands ever both as a director and a photographer. How did you get in touch with him and can you tell us a few words about him?
'O' : Dean Karr is part of that Chop Shop clique (Rob Zombie/Motley Crue/John 5/Genitorturers/etc...), so I guess it was a natural move to work with Dean. Few words? Dean is a genuine Artist, capital A, down-to-earth individual, and a very funny character as well. Hi Dean!

11-To end up this interview and if you accept to, I would like to precise that a song is specially dedicated to one special person Traci Michaelz. I had the chance to meet him and to appreciate him for what he was. Can you tell us a few words about Traci in his memory and why did you choose to dedicate him 'Jesus20kills, Coroner saves'
'O' : I knew Traci since '94. Back then he was in Heart Throb Mob, they've just released 'Hit List', their first album. Traci was one of the nicest person I've ever known from that L.A. Glam/Glitter/Punk scene. I still kick myself for not being able to show up at his funerals. Regarding that song, it was a natural move to dedicate it to Traci. Miss you Traci!

Thank you for your time 'O' see ya soon!

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fanademetal - 12 Juin 2009: Même si jeen comprends rien je penses que c'est une bonen interview pour un mauvais groupe(personellement je n'aimes pas, c'est mon opinion bien sûr) maisj 'aurais une question, c'est un groupe Français alors pourquoi l'interview est en Anglais je crois qu'il habite au USA mais comme même ils sont Français.
Metzly - 12 Juin 2009: La version française arrivera sous peu. J'ai fait une version anglaise de l'inté avec O car ils ont beaucoup de fans aux USA, c'est juste un hazard que celle-ci fut finie en premier :)
EnGeL - 14 Juin 2009: ça me donne envie de l'écouter , tiens !
très bonnes questions au passage ...
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