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"Lapis Lazuli" is a small Swedish symphonic metal formation. Founded in 2005, the band is now releasing its second entirely self-produced album. "A Loss Made Forever" was released a year after then "My Mortal Stain."

interview Lapis LazuliHi, Lapis Lazuli, * Can you introduce yourself and give us an overview of the history of the band and its members today?
Lapis Lazuli is a symphonic metal band from diffrent parts of Sweden.
We started back in 2005 and have over the years had 3 diffrent singers, but the rest of the members is still the same.

* How would you "A Loss Made Forever", especially compared to previous work?
"A Loss Made Forever" was a dream to record. We started thinking it would be hard to record. But then we finished recording drums, bass and guitar in 2 days. and vocals in 1,5 days.
The keyboards are hard to tell since I always make them first. I keep the ones from the demos.
There is 4 years between when we made "Tides of Sorrow" and "A Loss Made Forever". So of course we learned a lot during that time.
We never stopped playing just because we did not release an album, so we had quite a while to develop our sound. We also recorded an album that never was released called "My Mortal Stain" between the albums.

* What are your favorite tracks on the album and what are the reasons?
My favorite track on
interview Lapis Lazulithe album is "The Silence", because to me that is a really solid and good song. That's pretty much it, does not have to be another reason for it.

* You said that "the idea of creating a symphonic metal band while watching a DVD Nightwish". In addition to being the source, you count them among your influences?
Not really. The idea I got from watching that dvd was only that I wanted to do keyboard based music with a female singer. I did not want to copy their style or anything. I played in a "Children of Bodom" cover band at the time so I wanted a change from that.
But when people say that we sound like Nightwish I don't really hear it at all. The only similarity to me is that we have a female singer.

* Have you had difficulty in recording?
Nope, as I said before recording "A Loss Made Forever" was very smooth.
Compared to "My Mortal Stain" which was a nightmare.

* How are your concerts? How does your audience?
Oh, that is very different from time to time. Our audience does always react well.
But in sweden people dont ususally go out to check out smaller bands. only the bigg
interview Lapis Lazulier bands work here. But we always give it our best. Even if it is in front of 2 people.
But mostly there is more people than that.

* Did you played outside of Sweden? What was your best moment on stage?
We did a gig in Norway last year. And that is probably our best moment on stage aswell. Nice place and an awsome audience.
We are planning to try to get a some gigs around Europe this autumn/winter.

* Do you have Other projects in preparation? Another album to come?
We are working on new songs right now. We decided back in january to release 3 smaller albums with 3-4 months in between.
That is a way to kind of apologize to the people that was waiting for "My Mortal Stain", that had the release date moved up all the time, and at last never got released.
We figured that if we only work on 6 songs at the time, we can get songs out faster. and it's also a good way for us to not get bored.

* If you have an announcement or a message to convey, express yourself:
Thanks for all the support and check out our songs and be prepared for a lot of new music in the near future!
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gletscherwolf - 06 Juillet 2011: AlonewithL, thanks for this effort. Even if I do not know the band or its music, even if I do not like symphonic metal a lot, it is my strong opinion that interviews are of great importance to cement artists and their audience together into balanced unity. So, cheerio, keep up the good work.
AlonewithL - 06 Juillet 2011: thanks chinese wolf! I like all sorts of metal, except core. I'm waiting their album to make a review ... in french of course.
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