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The Czech Republic does not make lot of attention for its metal. However the group I present to you now wishes to become a rising star of the folk metal. Cruadalach performs a debut album that demonstrates all the ambition of its members.

interview CruadalachHi Cruadalach,  you are now a little-known folk metal Czech band. Can you tell us about your career and each of the members composing your team? 
Hello, we greet you and all readers of Spirit of Metal! You can call us folk metal, you can call us Czech, we don’t mind, but we are dealing with universal topics, we use guest from Croatia on our debut album and guitar player from Hungary now rides with us several gigs in Poland, so we are proud to be pretty big tribe and family which doesn’t care about borders - nor territorial, nor musical. Same, we don’t consider ourselves to be that much folk metal band, however for making things easier we are ok with this mark. In every case we want to do unique music full of energy and influenced by music we love, that is our main goal -- we don’t care at all if it will be folk metal, grind core or polka. Due to history and team - there are eight of us in hardcore line-up, but sometimes we use guests for records and live performances, as we mentioned. We have demo "V rytmu staré krve" what was more like promotional stuff, EP "Agni - Unveil what’s burning inside" and now we are releasing debut album "Lead - Not Follow" through Black Bards. We are pretty active, hardworking and always ready to fight.

What were the main difficulties in the achievement of this first album? 
As every band and human being we also have to face obstacles. But without them life would be worthless, right? We do our best to deliver everybody what we consider to be the best work we are able at the moment. Of course recording and performing is natural process and if you are doing something, you get experiences. Logically next time it should be less problematic if you take a lesson from your past mistakes. Thanks to this, recording of "Lead - Not Follow" was far less stressful than recording of our past releases. However, we already know what we have to improve for the next time. Maybe if we continue in this tempo, once we will reach some zen phase of recording and everything will go without any problems:)

Why not have taken the EP’s titles in it?
We have tons of new material so there is no point in re-record older stuff however of course some songs of EP "Agni" we play live with love and passion because we really like to play our songs. But same passion we find in creating and rehearsing our new songs, so really, there is not a reason to help ourselves by re-recording EP stuff when we can del
interview Cruadalachiver something new and fresh.

What are your favorite songs from the album and why?
All of these songs are part of our creation and we chose them for an album for a reason. Of course everybody of us has its prefferations, but its hard to say - some songs work better on stage, some on album. Generally we consider to be really mighty song "Nezlomní", then for example "Living with Pride". But we love all of our songs, otherwise we wouldn’t record them.

What does the sheep on your cover? It would be confused with the wolf. The sweetness and the wild spirit. Is this your music?
You find a sheep to be sweet? What kind of zoophilia is this, dude?! Sheep is a symbol of weakness and being a part of a herd, a crowd. Our sheep on cover prooved its courage when she decided to act like a predator. The message of our album and also of our cover is clear - to lead and take your life in your hands, not to follow steps of others. Revolt! In case of music it represents our try to be the band with identity and individuality, we find worthless to try to copy others.

What are your main inspirations? The metal bands that you have the highest regard?
We are influenced by milions of bands and genres and it is really hard to pick any particular. We are influenced by various kinds of metal and other styles and we try to pick from everyone what we admire on it the most. For example from hardcore its energy and power, from punk its "don’t-give-a-shit" attitude of making the music and performing, from melodic metal genres its harmonies and instrumental variety, from folklore and medieval music its natural and accoustic touch.... And we could continue. In general, we are far more influenced by metal bands in general than by folk metal genre. For example by Amorphis, Fear Factory, Korn, Therion, Paradise Lost to mention at least some of them. However, we still have plenty of friends around the world and their bands are also big inspiration for us in some aspects! Even tiny detail can affect you somehow, so we would love to declare our friendship for example with Nothgard (GER), Krampus (IT), Percival Schuttenbach (POL), Brezno (SLO), Niburta (HUN) and many others!

How are your lives now? You turn in many countries?
We just returned from Italy and now we are gonna head to Poland. Next week we play at home in Czech Republic and then tour Black Trolls Over Europe pt. 3 follows duri
interview Cruadalachng which we gonna visit especially Germany and Netherlands and perform for example with Suidakra or Waylander. We also going to attend one big festival with Primordial, Týr, Immortal or our favourite Crimfall. These Finnish guys seriously kick ass. We travel a lot now and we really enjoy it so much! Performing live as much as possible is still a base of our existence, so if somebody would love to invite us somewhere, we are ready to go whenever and wherever! Just reach us on mail, for example

Few Czech formations are known. Central Europe seems like a poor cousin of metal. What do you think about that?
Generally you are right of course, Czech, Slovakian, Polish nor Austrian scene is that strong as for example Finnish one, but you can still find great bands in all of these countries. For example our Czech pretty unique thrashy band Six Degrees of Separation is admirable... But who cares, there are no borders for us, we want to play and meet people everywhere and we don’t care from which country they come. And of course, we want to show that also Czech tiny sheep can howl and bite!

Any other projects? An album in the works?
Some of us have side projects, for example our wind instrumentalist Petra has her folklore project Szmyrum a Chechuum, sometimes she takes place as a guest performer in Tomáš Kočko & Orchestr -- if you like folklore stuff, you should definitely check it. Hand in hand with Čechomor, this band is the top of our folk scene. Also second band of our drummer Datel just released its debut album. It is called Et Moriemur and it is kind of old school doom metal. In every case, Cruadalach is the totally main place for all of us to stay. Now we ride a plenty of gigs to support our debut album "Lead - Not Follow" and then we will see. Of course we think about next album and we already composed some songs for it... But it has its time. Now is time for "Lead - Not Follow"!

For each, what are the albums that you will take to the grave?
Since we all have immortal souls, is there any point in taking albums to grave? We will burn anyway!

Thank you, if you have to pass a message or advertisement, express you:
Thanks for questions and have a nice time and all of your readers too. Support music you like, if it is our one or not. Only strong and brave will prevail! See you on the road!


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gletscherwolf - 21 Octobre 2011: Nice job, well done interview.
AlonewithL - 21 Octobre 2011: thx!!
gletscherwolf - 21 Octobre 2011: Especially like that you give the limelight to those who are not (yet) well known.
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