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interview Audrey Horne (NOR)

Let’s talk about hard-rock now. Forget your old-fashionned bands from the 80’s with their horrible coloured hairs and ridiculous trousers, now it’s time for real guys with strong convictions & attitude. This is the time for a band like Audrey Horne. They’re norwegian, coming from Bergen & they play a kind of mix between Faith No More, Black Sabbath & Alice In Chains. Keyboardist Herbrand answered this short interview in may 2005.


>Hi, can we begin this interview with a history of your band to introduce it to our readers.
We are Audrey Horne from Norway – the best band in the world ! The band is about 2,5 years old. We knew each other as friends, and found out that we shared the same tastes in music. Audrey Horne plays powerful, heavy, melodic, in-your-face hard rock, with an attitude !


>Why did you choose your band-name from the David Lynch’s "Twin Peaks" movie ? Is it because you loved this dark & strange atmosphere ?
David Lynch is one of our favourite directors, and the atmosphere in the Twin Peaks series is breathtaking ! We chose Audrey Horne because we think the Twin Peaks atmosphere fits the band and also because Audrey Horne is not a typical name for a hard-rock band. Last but not least ; She is almost as sexy as us !


>Can you tell us more about your actual line-up ? Coming from Bergen, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of you already played with black-metal bands…
Toschie – vocals, Arve – guitars, Thomas – guitars, Tom C – bass, Kjetil – Drums and Herbrand – keys.
We all have different backgrounds and some of us have played together in different bands earlier. Some of us play in extreme metal bands as well, but it’s not a problem combining di

interview Audrey Horne (NOR)fferent bands. We all like to express ourselves in different ways. The combination of all the people in Audrey Horne is explosive !


>How would you describe your musical style ? Personally it reminds me a band like Faith No More or Tomahawk but with a huge US hard-rock touch, something really powerful & groovy.
You got it ! Faith No More means a lot for us, and of course lots of different bands. We are 6 persons in the band and everybody has their own influences, but the combination of all six makes Audrey Horne to sound like Audrey Horne. Powerful & groovy, melodic in your face hard-rock is a good description of our style ! We mixed “No Hay Banda” in Los Angeles with Queens of the Stoneage, Tool producer Joe Baressi, so there is definitely an american touch on the record.


>I only heard your single "Confessions & Alcohol". Where did you record your album ? Is it in the same vein as the single ? The 4 tracks of the single are very different from each others. Did you try to propose an entire album with such varied atmospheres ?
We recorded the album ourselves, mainly Herbrand and Arve, in our own studio Earshot studio in Bergen. “No Hay Banda” is a diverse album with different atmospheres, but all the songs fit more together as a whole than on the single. The 3 tracks apart from "Questions and Alcohol" are bonus songs that didn’t make it to the album. So its really not an ep, it just looks that way ! The album is diverse but at the same time all the tracks fit together and make ONE album.


>How do you compose inside the band ? Is there a leader of the pack ?
Most songs start with a riff made by one of the guitar players or the bass player. Then Toschie writes the words and the whole band works out the complete song. Someti

interview Audrey Horne (NOR)mes this is an easy process and sometimes we spend a lot of time to make the song perfect. There’s really not any formula for the creative process. All members of Audrey Horne have strong opinions on most stuff, and that tension makes the band bigger and better than the six individuals in the band.


>What do your lyrics deal with ?
The lyrics are mostly about the dark corners in our minds. The corners that some people try to hide and ignore. It’s therapy for Toschie to write the stuff. He has to express himself to stay sane. The lyrics in “Confessions and Alcohol” are inspired by two of the guys in the band, late at night and drunk as hell. When you’re drunk and wasted you sometimes talk about things you don’t mention when you’re sober…They did that night, and still do !


>What are your plans for touring ?
We hope for a european tour in the autumn, but there is nothing organized yet. We have a hell of a live show and want to show it to the world !


>Is your music particularly wellcomed in Bergen. It seems to be an incredible place for everything extreme, but is your hard-rock appreciated by the local fanatics ?
Bergen is a very nice place to play music! There’s lots of different bands in the town, both extreme bands and more “normal” bands. The people here are really open-minded and curious. If the music is good they like it ! We recently did a festival here in Bergen and had a really good crowd in a sold out club. Metalheads, rockers and lots of other people united !


>Thanx for your time, last words are yours…
Thank you ! Visit our website and leave us a message about life, death and music. Hope you like the record and plays it really loud everywhere !

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