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1. Hi, first, thanks answering this interview. Could you start it with a little presentation of your band ?
well, After Forever started in 1995 with writing songs, back then I named it Apocalypse. In 1996 the name changed in After Forever, and in 1997 Floor joined us. We\'ve made 4 albums so far and two demos, we have got all kind of influences but it\'s hard to give the style a name. That\'s why we\'re popular by both Gothic and Metal fans, but also the more progressive world seems to like us. I\'ve always felt After Forever gives a lot of freedom to write music for, it always changes a little bit, but it will never loose the After Forever touch!


2. Now, you\'re recording your fourth album Remagine, can you speak about it
yep, it will be a very diverse album. Currently, Sascha Paeth is mixing the album and I\'m convinced it\'s the best one so far (although I always say that:-) Invisible circles was very dark and complex, this album has also got that side but is also very catchy, it contains the coolest melodies we ever made I think. On the whole, this album is far more melodic than the ones we did, is again pretty METAL but also has a lot of classical influences. Together with Joost and Floor, we wrote the songs, you\'ll also be hearing Joost his influences, that makes the album sound more modern and fresh! ?


3. In what it is different that the previous ones ? is it closer than Prison of Desire or Invisible Circle ?

interview After Forever's got elements of both, it\'s hard to say wich album it resembles most. Musically , I\'m more connected to the I.C. album nowadays, but when I heard the mix I realised that the core still has many aspects of Prison of desire, and certainly Decipher. We combine verything we learned from ourselves and other bands, and of course it also important to try to give a glimpse of your current situation in the music.


4. Is there a band which you would like to go on tour with ?
I really liked each tour we did, all the bands were great and very friendly. It\'s hard to choose between all the great bands we toured with, so let\'s pick a band we never went on tour with: Annihilator!


5. Is a tour planned, will french metalheads see you on stage soon ?
We\'re thinking about it, we might even go on tour again with Nightmare! More info will follow! We try to do the best we can, but the current situation with all thge deseases of the people surrounding us made me very tired, I really have to regain the energy that really makes me feel like touring again, but we will eventualy, hopefully with Andre back in After Forever!


6. What is your best memories on tour ?
The tour with Nightmare/Dark Moor and Amaran, the whole tour is one memory, a memory of a strange but very close family! The whole tour I was extremely glad to be a musician, to be able to do this! The fabs were great, the bands were great and the atmosphere was magic

interview After Foreveral!


7. What kind of relation have you got with your fans ?
A bit of a split relation, on one hand I feel very bonded with them because their support is always overwhelming , without them you cannot survive and there are really great poeple among them, on the other hand it\'\'s hard to know exactly what direction the band is going but most of the fans don\'t know that at that point, sometimes there\'s seems to be a lack of comprehension bewteen After Forever and some fans, luckily it always turns out well. The funny thing is, fans are very close to the band, make the band possible, but the hart of the fans isn\'t always wishing the same thing as the hart of the band, that\'s what keeps the whole thing interesting!


8. Could you explain to us your vision of the "spirit of metal" you have and especially the female metale wich becoming more and more popular ?
Like most of you may know, I do not really like female fronted bands, but I think they made a lot of people that weren\'t into metal experience their music and and later on maybe real metal music. To me , the spirit of metal lies in being honest as a musician and doing exactly what you want (when it\'s about writing music), that\'s not only the case with metal of course.

9. Thanx for share your precious time, last words to all your french fans ?
We haven\'t forgotten your support, we\'ll be back with a new album and some gigs, BE PREPARED!!!!!!!

interview réalisée par Night-witch et Guardian

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