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IronHell6 - 08 Août 2018:

Apocalypse Black Metal 

pumpsairey - 12 Octobre 2019:

In other reviews, I have been more critical of the production values than the music itself. This is mainly due to so many bands that are good-to-awesome musicians that just had an album suffer from unusually horrid production. Black Metal, however, seems to revel in poor production as a matter of aesthetics. This can be a double-edged aspect, as it becomes a hindrance to some albums, and Gorgoroth’s “Twilight of the IdolsUpdate Happy Wheels apk online.



 (In Conspiracy With Satan)”, while not a bad album, seems to have put the concept of Dynamic Range on an altar and sacrificed it. There is so much distortion and clipping that the album threatens to destroy your speakers at any volume level.

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