Die Without Hope

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Nom du groupe Carnifex (USA)
Nom de l'album Die Without Hope
Type Album
Date de parution 07 Mars 2014
Labels Nuclear Blast
Produit par Mark Lewis
Enregistré à Audio Hammer Studios
Style MusicalDeathcore
Membres possèdant cet album86


1. Salvation Is Dead 04:39
2. Dark Days 03:34
3. Condemned to Decay 03:36
4. Die Without Hope 05:22
5. Hatred and Slaughter 04:12
6. Dragged into the Grave 03:53
7. Rotten Souls 03:56
8. Last Words 02:57
9. Reflection of the Forgotten 01:05
10. Where the Light Dies ? 04:44
Total playing time 38:02

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Commentaire @ RSontz

11 Mai 2014

Certainly Worth A Listen

Being a huge deathcore fan, I'm always willing to listen to different deathcore bands. My friend told me to listen to the new Carnifex album. I had only one Carnifex album before this and that was "Until I Feel Nothing" and I wasn't all that impressed with the release. But I went into Die Without Hope with an open mind, not even thinnking about the previous work I've heard from them.

The opening track really set a mood for what I was going to be hearing for the next 40 minutes. Very melodic, shredding deathcore. There is absolutely nothing bad I have to say about this album after about 10 listens all the way through. The vocals are about ten times better than Until I Feel Nothing. Every single ear piercing scream really packs a punch. The drums are clearly top notch, but there's something that surprised me a lot about this album and deathcore in general. The guitar work. I've almost never heard a guitar solo in deathcore before this album. And they're not just slow short and boring. The guitarist in this band can really rip. With crazy sweeped arppegios, and shredding speed picking, I have no complaints.

Die Without Hope has definitely impressed me. More than you think. This album beats any deathcore album I've ever heard. It beats The Cleansing by Suicide Silence, This Is Exile by Whitechapel, it even beats The Price Of Existance by All Shall Perish. My favorite deathcore album I've ever heard. These tracks are more than just a three minute breakdown. I'm going to give this album a perfect 10/10. Great job.

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metaleciton - 02 Août 2016: Ce disque est juste incroyable. Le premier titre "Salvation Is Dead" est d'une puissance salvatrice, les lyrics sont excellents et les breaks destructeurs, une pépite du genre !
Les titres suivants comme "Dark Days" et l'éponyme "Die Without Hope" sont plus sombres et mélodique mais reste d'une grande efficacité, le reste de l'album étant tout aussi exceptionnel...
Carnifex frappe très fort avec ce disque et prouve qu'il est le nouveau maître du Death Metal moderne !
Note: 19/20
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