Storm the Gates of Hell

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Band Name Demon Hunter
Album Name Storm the Gates of Hell
Type Album
Released date 06 November 2007
Music StyleMetalcore
Members owning this album84


 Storm the Gates of Hell
 Lead Us Home
 Fading Away
 Carry Me Down
 A Thread of Light
 I Am You
 Follow the Wolves
 Fiction Kingdom
 The Wrath of God

 No Reason to Exist
 Grand Finale

Total playing time: 59:12

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Demon Hunter

Review @ miniradman

05 November 2010
Storm the Gates of Hell is Demon Hunters fourth studio album and this album is of the Metalcore genre. This album was released in 2007 by Solid State Records. This album is the next step away from the Nu Metal scene and moving closer towards the Metalcore scene. It is regarded as their greatest album to date.

This album is full of Metalcore goodness. It has changed from their last album and the amount of energy in the music was actually unexpected. Unlike other bands that have crossed Metalcore with Thrash Metal. Demon Hunter has done an impressive mix of Metalcore and Nu Metal in this album. This album has an Industrial style of Metalcore to it.

The opening song is Storm the Gates of Hell, it will give you a first impression of this album but it is not the best song in the album. It shows more of the Nu Metal style and this is not what this album is all about. When you get to the second song is when you will get the first real taste of this album. The music and vocals sound very mature compared to other Metalcore bands such as Bullet For My Valentine but don’t forget that Demon Hunter is a Christian Band.

There are parts of this album that can be more energetic than others. The third track Sixteen is a relatively soft song compared to the second track Lead Us Home. There are two standout tracks in my opinion and they are the songs Fading Away and Follow The Wolfs. These two tracks are incredibly innovative in their styles and these are songs that changed my thoughts on Metalcore itself. Those tracks are what I think made this album so successful. They are very mature but not too extreme or heavy about it. The music has just the right tempo and the vocals to make an amazing track. Those songs have emotion and some kind of atmosphere that really connects with the listener (especially the song Follow The Wolfs).

This album is very good but is not perfect. Firstly this album gets boring fairly quickly but It’s the kind of thing where when you listen to something over and over again it gets boring (bad part) but when you are not listening to it you want to listen to it again. This is probably the only way I can explain this album. I also don’t find the songs Storm the Gates of Hell and I Am You too fascinating because they take too much from Nu Metal than the other songs in this album. Also this album is very serious in the sense the I don’t think there are any emotions of despair unlike Bullet For My Valentine or Trivium and if there were any they are more upbeat about it such as in the song Thorns.

Overall this album is their best release to date and I can’t wait for their other albums. This album is an innovative mix on Metalcore and Nu Metal. The actual music on this album is great, it is very mature yet not too over the top heaviness unlike Parkway Drive. There are no extremely heavy breakdowns and solos are rare. I would recommend this album to anyone who Metalcore, Nu Metal or even Thrash Metal. I also recommend the songs Follow The Wolfs and Fading away. They are Demon Hunter’s Signature songs in my opinion. I give this album a 17/20.

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DezMoines - 01 August 2014: I thought The Triptych was considered their best album
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