Bullet For My Valentine

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Also known as B4MV, BFMV, Bullet, ex-Opportunity in Chicago, ex-12 Pints of My Girlfriend's Blood, ex-Jeff Killed John
Style Metalcore
Status Active
Formed In 1998
City Bridgend
Fans 3784
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  • Matthew "Matt" Tuck

    Vocals, Guitar

    [since 1998], Axewound

  • Jason Bowld

    Drums, Percussions

    [since 2017]

  • Jamie Mathias

    Bass, Back Vocals

    [since 2015]

  • Michael "Padge" Paget

    Guitar, Back Vocals

    [since 1998]

Past members

  • Michael "Moose" Thomas

    Drums, Percussions


  • Nick Crandle



  • Jason James

    Vocals, Bass



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