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General Discussions / Chit-Chat
Admin : Kivan      
Speak freely about various themes.
Discussions about Music
Admin : skinless      
Give your opinion about themes related to music.
About Spirit of Metal
Admin : skinless      
A place about Spirit of Metal in general, in which you can talk about improvements and suggestions for the site.
Admin : miniradman      
Get help if you have any questions or problems on this site.
Misc Forums
Unsigned Bands
Admin : skinless      
A place to promote your unsigned band and your music
New Releases
Admin : skinless      
A Forum to announce new releases
Admin : Deesse_de_la_nuit      
Forum for reviewers and interviewers
Live Concerts
Admin : Earine      
Memories of past concerts and tour announcements.
Admin : miniradman      
This where all the "core" fans can discuss their opinions or just want to talk about random topics.
Black Metal
Admin : Earine      
A forum about your favourite Black Metal bands.
Death Metal
Admin : kivan      
Forum about Death Metal - share your passion !
Metal Videoclips
Admin : Earine      
Here you can talk about your favourite videoclips from Metal bands.
Admin : Earine      
Here you can talk about your favourite vocalists, guitarrists, bassists, drummers, songwritters, and so on. Also, if you do any of these things, you can also share your talent with others.
Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal
Admin : Metalhistorian      
A forum for anything related to sludge/stoner/doom metal.
Heavy/Power Metal
Admin : Skinless      
Thrash Metal
Admin : bloody6strings      
Ready... action!
Admin : Earine      
A place where you can discuss about your favourite movies, series and TV shows.
Admin : skinless      
A section about album cover artworks and visual art in general.
Language Learning
Admin : 1Archon1      
Everyone that wants to teach his language to others is welcomed to create his-her topic here as long as he-she follows the rules.
Symphonic / Gothic / Melodic Doom
Admin : Earine      
A place where you can discuss about your favourite bands of these genres.
Admin : rafflesia      
Talk about Death, Suicide, Depression, Solitude, Hatred, Misanthropy, Paganism and much Dark Humour - until Hell freezes over.
Video Gaming
Admin : miniradman      
All discussion about about video gaming is here! Who likes video games?... I mean, who doesn't like video games?
Nerds Central
Admin : miniradman      
This forum is for all the school kids talking about various themes relating to science, maths and school in general.
Admin : Earine      
Sharpen your wits with real Metal challenges.
Avant-garde/Experimental Metal
Admin : miniradman      
This is where you can talk about Avant-garde and Experimental Metal. Enjoy
War Metal
Admin : SevereAbomination      
The ultimate in evil and heaviness. This is a true no-posers section!
Progressive Metal
Admin : Moose1220      
Here, you can discuss your favorite prog bands with other progressive metalheads. Enjoy!
Hard Rock/Grunge
Admin : Scared1      
This where you can talk about grunge and hard rock, 24/7
Ambient, Atmospheric, Post-
Admin : miniradman      
Explore peace and serenity in a world of enlightenment or fall into deep, dark, bottomless canyons of darkness. All talk about pure ambient/atmospheric bands fall here such as; Hammock, God is an Astronaut, Fall of Efrafa, ect is here… enjoy
Validation Team
Admin : Earine      
A discussion forum about validations and opinions about the circle upgrade. Available only to admins and validators.
Second Reading/Official Reviewers Team
Admin : miniradman      
This forum is to discuss topics and opinions relating to the English reviews.
European Mythologies
Admin : AnaGuard      
Here you can write and read about European mythologies. Many bands, like Amon Amarth, and pagan black metal use legends and characters from Norse, Slavic and Ancient mythology for their lyrical themes...
Admin : Scared1      
A place where you can talk about sports.
Femme metal forum
Admin : rockadelic      
Anything to do with lady rockers of the past, present...and future....NO genres ignored except sterile disco queens:)!
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the additional bands forum
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