True Defiance

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Band Name Demon Hunter
Album Name True Defiance
Type Album
Released date 10 April 2012
Produced by Aaron Sprinkle
Music StyleMetalcore
Members owning this album69


1. Crucifix 03:44
2. God Forsaken 05:40
3. My Destiny 04:15
4. Wake 04:12
5. Tomorrow Never Comes 04:54
6. Someone to Hate 05:25
7. This I Know 04:05
8. Means to an End 02:51
9. We Don't Care 03:37
10. Resistance 04:25
11. Dead Flowers 05:23
Bonustracks (Deluxe Edition)
12. What Is Left 04:28
13. I Am a Stone 05:46
Total playing time 58:45

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Demon Hunter

Review @ miniradman

09 April 2012

Demon Hunter Still Have it! With no Signs of Slowing Down Either

Demon Hunter is back with their newest album True Defiance. As many of you probably already know, Demon Hunter are one of the most successful metalcore bands out there and are probably the only successful Christian band by my standards. There must be something about the aesthetic nature of Demon Hunter which makes them so successful, but I cannot put my finger on exactly what it is. It might have something to do with the fact that all the new metalcore have this young, hip, trendy sound to them while Demon Hunter sounds more mature and wiser. The combination of nu metal and metalcore, I would have thought to be boring, repetitive and uninteresting but Demon Hunter have been creating this awesome breed of music for 10 years now since their first self titled album and they are still bringing the goods.

I don’t know how they do it, but Demon Hunter is just one of those odd bands who stay awesome throughout their entire career, and are showing no signs of slowing down. They don’t need to make EPs to draft their newest music, because they already know what they’re making is awesome, so why would anyone want to change that. In True Defiance, everything that all Demon Hunter fans have known and loved from their other previous albums is featured. Nu metal and metalcore riffs, a combination of the classic Demon Hunter distorted shrieks and clean vocals. Not to mention the contrast between more metalcorish and nu metalish passages. Yep, Demon Hunter is that gift that just keeps on giving and giving and I cannot get enough of it.

It’s quite obvious that Demon Hunter is influenced by nu metal and metalcore, but less obviously… grunge and alternative rock. There are some sections in True Defiance where I keep thinking I’m listening to a good version of Nickelback or something because some of the vocals sound uncannily similar. However, combine this with the ferocity and extremeness of hardcore and metalcore, and you’ve got something… something awesome which has not been copied or successfully emulated by any other band that I know of. Demon Hunter are definitely something special, and True Defiance is just another album in their long line of awesome albums.

I don’t know why, but I think what really landmarks any of their albums (especially in Storm the Gates of Hell though) are the clean tracks. The ones which don’t even sound remotely like nu metal, the real smooth and easy listening tracks. They have featured two of those in True Defiance “Tomorrow Never Comes” and “Dead Flowers”, and they are both incredibly uplifting tracks to hear. I don’t know why, but I find Ryan Clark’s voice (the lead singer) to be incredibly powerful and uplifting. However, the best thing about these two tracks is that you can tell that they aren’t trying to influential or emotional… I mean, they don’t try to make music which is “larger than life” unlike Nickelback (god I hate Nickelback). They are just two tracks to which a suitable to end the day with.

Overall, Demon Hunter still have it and I’m surprised that they’ve kept their momentum going throughout their whole career so far because many bands fall within their first three albums. People can say what they want about Christian metalcore or Christian metal in general, Demon Hunter are successful, and there is a very good reason for that. True Defiance is one of those albums which can appeal to a very wide audience which makes its value even greater. For those looking for some of the nu metalish side to Demon Hunter, check out “This I Know”, those who are into a more metalcoreish direction of Demon Hunter, you’ll most likely see “God Forsaken” and "My Destiny" to be prime tracks, or if you’re like me and like things which are easier to listen to, check out “Tomorrow Never Comes” and “Dead Flowers”. I give Demon Hunter’s True Defiance a 17/20.


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Crinn - 09 April 2012: How does this album compare to Summer of Darkness and/or World is a Thorn? any similarities? what's the biggest change they've made to their sound?
Crinn - 09 April 2012: also, Nickelback is nowhere near grunge and has no grunge in any of their material in any way..
miniradman - 10 April 2012: Sorry, I was meant to say "grunge and alternative rock". Also I don't really like to compare an album, against every single damn release from a band. It doesn't make sense considering the focus is on a single album and that album alone. However, I did leave a breadcrum trail by saying that they still have what we all love about them. I don't feel I need to go into it any farther ;)

thanks for the comment dude!
hack - 11 April 2012: I'll have to check this one out. Thanks for your review.
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