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COGNITIVE to tour the Northeast w/ Replacaire
New Jersey based brutal death metal group COGNITIVE have announced a brief tour throughout the Northeast United States alongside Boston, Ma band Replacaire. The tour, which runs from April 11-15 wi

OMOPHAGIA to tour Europe with Immolation; Set to enter studio
Continuing to support their 2016 Unique Leader debut In the Name of Chaos, Swiss death metal group OMOPHAGIA have announced that they will be taking part in this year’s “Atonement II

THE KENNEDY VEIL release guitar playthrough for “Draconian” via Gear Gods
Sacramento tech death masters THE KENNEDY VEIL have released a guitar play through video for their track “Draconian” today via Gear Gods. The video showcases guitarist KC Childers’

KC of THE KENNEDY VEIL Plows Through This Guitar Playthrough of “Draconian”
There’s a ton of metal out there. It’s sort of ridiculous. Power metal, thrash metal, metal-core, yatta, yatta, yatta. But sometimes you just need something THICK. And that’s where KC and The

KROSIS release new single “Malestrom” via New Noise; Launch Pre-orders
Raleigh, Nc based progressive deathcore act KROSIS are streaming a new song, entitled “Malestrom”, today via New Noise. “Maelstrom” comes from the band’s forthcoming a

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