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Nom du groupe Nine Inch Nails
Nom de l'album Quiet
Type Compilation
Date de parution 2009
Labels pas de label connu
Style MusicalMetal Industriel
Membres possèdant cet album4


1. Leaving Hope (Piano Version)
2. Lights in the Sky (Swear I'm Here Mix)
3. 1 Ghosts I
4. The Fragile (Acoustic)
5. The New Flesh (Tta.com Version)
6. Meet Your Master (Le Pig Mix)
7. Leaving Hope
8. The Perfect Drug (Quiet)
9. Adrift and at Peace
10. The Day the World Went Away (Acoustic)
11. Right Where It Belongs V.2
12. 13 Ghosts II
13. Lights in the Sky (Waving Goodbye Remix)
14. The Persistence of Loss
15. Eraser (Polite)
16. 34 Ghosts IV
17. Help Me I'm in Hell
18. Beautiful Nightmare (Head Down)
19. The Frail
20. Gone, Still
21. All the Love in the World (So Lonely)
22. Something I Can Never Have (Acoustic)
23. 36 Ghosts IV
24. Lights in the Sky
25. Hurt (Quiet)
26. Beyond This Twilight