Halo of Blood

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Band Name Children Of Bodom
Album Name Halo of Blood
Type Album
Released date 06 June 2013
Music StyleBlack Heavy
Members owning this album293


 Waste of Skin
 Halo of Blood
 Scream for Silence
 Bodom Blue Moon (The Second Coming)
 Your Days Are Numbered
 Dead Man’s Hand on You
 Damaged Beyond Repair
 All Twisted
 One Bottle and a Knee Deep

 Sleeping in My Car (Roxette Cover) (Digipack Edition)
 Crazy Nights (Loudness Cover) (Japanese Edition)
 Sleeping in My Car (Roxette Cover) (Japanese Edition)

Total playing time: 45:01

Review @ Satanicarchangel

11 June 2013

Repairing the damage done, an excellent return to form

After three generally disappointing albums I had begun to believe that Children of Bodom would never again release another good album, as such you can imagine my doubts when I heard they would be releasing another album. After all I’ve come to expect to be disappointed by them in recent years and so my interest wasn’t exactly raised when this one was announced. However I heard there was going to be more Black Metal influence incorporated into their sound and I saw the cover art. The cover art is like a throwback to the early days, showing the grim reaper in a more romanticized manner unlike their last three which showed him in a simple, aggressive stance. The white color scheme also spiked my interest, it makes the artwork have a lonely and wintry vibe to it, and it’s almost Black Metal in its portrayal.

So to start this review, Halo of Blood is an excellent return to form and shows that they are actually trying again. Whereas the last three albums suffered from a general lack of effort and focus, Halo of Blood is their most focused effort since Hatecrew Deathroll and shows that they’re having fun again and for the first time in years so am I. If Children of Bodom didn’t take a massive nose dive after the release of Hatecrew Deathroll then this I imagine is what the follow up to that album would sound like. A follow up that sadly took ten years.

Halo of Blood is a complete turn around from the last three albums. I think somewhere down the line they removed their collective heads from their collective asses and realized they needed a breath of fresh air after their last releases were so stale. Interesting how they choose to release a winter themed album in June, but it’s a welcome feeling and allows the band to return to their Black Metal roots, with the title track being straight up Black Metal, heavily in the vain of Dissection. The Black Metal feeling also gives meaning to the keys again rather than the fuck all they did in Blooddrunk. The Melodic Death/Power hybrid that I’ve missed so much is back, there’s still a focus on the heavy parts though as opposed to really fast Nightwish songs with Black Metal vocals as is the case with the first three albums. If you didn’t like Hatecrew Deathroll then you won’t like Halo of Blood as this album is the true spiritual successor to that album, let me tell you however that most fans would rather have Hatecrew Deathroll II rather than Blooddrunk II. It’s a great throwback to their glory days and a release that sadly came out too late.

There are still some chuggy parts left over from their last three albums such as Damage Beyond Repair, but there’s also a few pleasant surprises such as the slow song Dead Man's Hand on You which features clean guitars, a grand piano and what appear to be sensitive lyrics on the part of Alexi. Then there’s the almost Black Metal title track which stands aside one of the heaviest tracks the band has written. I really appreciate how the band is pooling more influences into this one to try and do something new whilst still keeping their signature sound. It’s a welcome breath of fresh air and the release that fans have been waiting with baited breath for ten years. Fans of their earlier stuff will no doubt rejoice over this one, Halo of Blood is the perfect throwback to the heydays and is their best work in ten years. Of course their will always be the naysayers who will complain that it isn’t Hatebreeder II, Children of Bodom are NEVER going to release another Hatebreeder and if that’s what you think then you might as well just put that one on and not bother with Halo of Blood. I still can’t tell if the lyrics are as drop dead derpy as they’ve always been but to the bands credit it’s good to see there isn’t any track titles as fucking stupid as Pussyfoot Miss Suicide or Northpole Throwdown and it’s good to hear that Alexi doesn’t start all the tracks with “YOW” or have an abundance of “FUCK” in them, so it appears that he has FINALLY learnt how to write lyrics but correct me if I’m wrong. Overall Halo of Blood is a great return to form and one that will no doubt garner a positive reception from both new and long term fans. One of the highlights of 2013 so far.

Best tracks- Waste of Skin , Halo of Blood, Bodom Blue Moon( The Second Coming), Dead Man’s Hand on You


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Merengue - 12 June 2013: Hey bro.

I can agree with almost everything you wrote, but i just can't seem to dislike Blooddrunk, though most CoB fans absolutely despise it.

Nevermind. Halo of Blood made me think of Dissection too, in fact, it looks very similar to the beginning of their song " Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane " .

Great review dude, thanks for this fine essay. Greetings from France.
Crinn - 17 June 2013: Blooddrunk is my favorite Children of Bodom album for some reason. But nonetheless, this album is awesome, I wouldn't give it quite as high of a score but the review you wrote is great.
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