Something Wild

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Band Name Children Of Bodom
Album Name Something Wild
Type Album
Released date 16 February 1997
Music StyleBlack Heavy
Members owning this album960


Re-Issue in 1998 by Nuclear Blast with 2 bonustracks
1. Deadnight Warrior 03:21
2. In the Shadows 06:02
3. Red Light in My Eyes, Pt. 1 04:28
4. Red Light in My Eyes, Pt. 2 03:50
5. Lake Bodom 04:02
6. The Nail 06:17
7. Touch Like Angel of Death 07:57
Total playing time 35:57
Bonustrack (Finland Release)
8. Children of Bodom (Early Version) 05:10
Bonustracks (Japanese Release)
8. Children of Bodom 05:10
9. Mass Hypnosis (Sepultura Cover) 04:04
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 1998)
8. Silent Scream (Slayer Cover) 03:17
9. Don't Stop at the Top (Scorpions Cover) 03:24

Comment @ L4G4RT0

22 August 2009
The very first album from Children of Bodom throws the band immediately to the corner of the bands who have done something special. This album is pure technique along with pure power, such are the intense melodies created and the brilliant moments made with awesome guitar techniques and a very well played bass and drum.
When you start listening to this you think you're listening to two different things: power and death metal, mixed together in a very balanced way, with nice keyboards filling everything that has to be filled in such a way that you feel surprised lots and lots of times. This is the so called "Melodic Death Metal", a music style that fills the years of may metal-heads that don't like the roughness of pure death metal, but don't fit well on the softness of power metal too. It's my case. I really love the way this band creates music on this album, it's a tremendous amount of surprises all the time, and although I can't say there is really a pure "hit" (if you can call a "hit" to a metal music), but it's very balanced from start to end with no weak songs, with no moments to feel distracted due to boringness.
So, if you feel like listening to a great album that will surprise you and make you want to listen to more albums from that band, this it it! If you don't know Children of Bodom, start with this one, and then proceed with the remaining albums, but be sure of this: you'll always want to return to "Something Wild", even after listening to some brilliant albums they made after it.

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