Ur Jordens Djup

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Band Name Finntroll
Album Name Ur Jordens Djup
Type Album
Дата релиза 25 Март 2007
Музыкальный стильFolk black
Владельцы этого альбома453


 Korpens Saga
 Ur Djupet
 En Mäktig Här
 Maktens Spira
 Under Två Runor

Total playing time: 55:56

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Комментарий @ Vadim

15 Июль 2007
Some may say I'm overrating this album. Actually, some may think this band is overrated. It's greatly debatable. Anyhow Ur Jordens Djup is a masterpiece. Vreth is a good vocalist. Finntroll has not lost anything when it comes to style. Most times, when a band loses a vocalist (IN FLAMES). They start sucking (IN FLAMES).

Ur Jordens Djup is an album that you can listen to over and over again. It never gets boring for me. The intro to this album is just spectacular. It's very serious as well. Synth is mainly used in the intro and some other instruments as well. It's one of the more tolerable intro's I've heard. "Gryning" flows nicely right on to "Sang". Which in my opinion is one of the greatest songs on here besides «En M�ktig H�r»? Sang starts with bass I think and drums. It doesn't fit with the rest of the album but it still is a song with much potential. "En M�ktig H�r" is the masterpiece on this album. Usually polka metal sounds Finnish, yeah? Well, I think this was a mix in between the America's Bahama's and Finland. It is a really trollish song while still being very heavy. It could not have been made any better. "Korpens Saga" is much different from "Sang" and "En M�ktig H�r". It still kept a little to the Finntroll formula. There is alot of say for this album, but to sum it all up, It's a Finntroll fan album. I'm pretty sure if you are just now getting into Finntroll, you should try "Nattfodd" first. It's more trollish then Ur Jordens Djup.

In all, I think they did a damn good job with this album. The flaws are easily over passed and if you are an avid Finntroll fan, you should like this album just fine. I would get a copy soon. It's a good album and I give it many kudos. Mostly because after everything Finntroll has been through. They have still kept it together and strong.

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