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Band Name Finntroll
Album Name Nifelvind
Type Album
Дата релиза 17 Февраль 2010
Лейблы Century Media
Музыкальный стильFolk black
Владельцы этого альбома391


 Intro / Blodmarsch
 Den Frusna Munnen
 Ett Norrskensdåd
 I Trädens Sång
 Tiden Utan Tid
 Mot Skuggornas Värld
 Under Bergets Rot

 Under Dvärgens Fot
 Insects (Oingo Boingo Cover)
 Can You Forgive Her ? (Pot Shop Boys Cover)

Total playing time: 45:48

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Обзор @ Polonium

22 Февраль 2010
The Finnish Folk Metal band Finntroll has finally released their 2010 "Nifelvind", but this year those Finns seem to have something different in their minds about their music, and as a fan of this band, I got the album and listened to it and I was shocked.

Not a usual surprise, and not a nice shock actually, I listened to this album for about 16 times and still can't tell exactly what bothers me and what makes me listen to it again, well, I'll go straight into the subject, the instrumental and effect-filled opening of this album wasn't a good sign at all, I mean when I first listened to it I felt that there's something different, they're using different music, darker atmosphere than before, more melancholic and not Finntroll. There's a use of a pipe in the background and not a nice one, it's like they were trying to come out with something epic and historic, but all we got a 2 minutes piece of music that lacks the unity among its musical elements.

Continuing to the next track, this tracks starts with fast drums and guitar riffs that actually suit Black Metal more than Finntroll's music, yes, someone may say that their roots are some kind of black metal, but again I tell, it's nothing related to older Finntroll, there are still some elements that somehow feels like Finntroll, like the background chorus, but also this chorus is strange.

The good thing is that the album gradually gets the essence and gives the atmosphere of Finntroll, like the third track which sounds more Finntroll than the previous two tracks, the drums are quite good and lovely, the guitar riffs, the accordion, other musical instruments all are working together properly. The fourth track, as I said before, the album is gradually becoming more Finntroll and this is delightful, generally, the album keeps on the same pace that the album's getting finer and there's no more downs.

I'm not going to talk about the lyrics because as I told on a previous review I know nothing about Swedish, the cover art is wonderful, very inspiring and really a piece of art, a good thing, also worthy to be mentioned, is that they succeeded to prevent the album from being available before the actual release dates, and this one is counted for Finntroll, because so many major bands like Behemoth, Immortal and many others has failed in this one.

In the end, I think this album is unusual and quite controversial piece of art, guys I'm loving it more every time I listen to it, so excuse me if the review itself was a bit vague, all I ask that you give the album a little time and you'll love it, so if you have enough time and money go get it, you won't regret.

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