Trifles and Pandemonium

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Band Name ACT (SWE)
Album Name Trifles and Pandemonium
Type Live
Дата релиза 01 Апрель 2016
Лейблы Avalon
Музыкальный стильProgressive Heavy
Владельцы этого альбома2


1. The End
2. Everything's Falling
3. Abandoned World
4. The Wandering
5. Waltz with Mother Nature
6. Take It Easy
7. A Supposed Tour
8. Svetlana
9. Wailings from a Building
10. Mr. Landlord
11. Dance of Mr. Gumble
12. Manipulator
13. Joanna
14. Call in Dead
15. A Wound That Won't Heal
16. A Mother's Love
17. Manager's Wish
18. A Truly Gifted Man