St. Anger

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Band Name Metallica
Album Name St. Anger
Type Album
Data de lançamento 05 Junho 2003
Produced by Bob Rock
Estilo de MúsicaNu Metal
Membros têm este álbum1413


1. Frantic 05:50
2. St. Anger 07:21
3. Some Kind of Monster 08:25
4. Dirty Window 05:24
5. Invisible Kid 08:30
6. My World 05:45
7. Shoot Me Again 07:10
8. Sweet Amber 05:27
9. The Unnamed Feeling 07:08
10. Purify 05:13
11. All Within My Hands 08:48
Total playing time 1:15:01

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Comentário @ metal_flank

13 Agosto 2007
O.K., we all agree that Metallica died along with Cliff Burton. With that out of the way, let's begin.

I found this CD on the side of the road near my home so I'm glad I didn't give them my hard earned mOney. This album way hyped up as "Their heaviest album to date". This was true... for the first 30 seconds. Just as soon as James opens his mouth the album sucked and didn't stop untill the disc quit spinning. Yet again Metallica screwed over their fans with a piece of trash undeserving on their name. If they had just changed their name when they came out with "Load(Of Crap)" their fans would probably still be fans. Instead they resort to bait-and-switch tactics used by late night infomercials to get people to buy their albums.

We were also told that they spent millions to make this recording sounde like a garage recording. Personally that's what I think they told the record company. I bet they made the recording in their basement with a $1,000 Tascan and kept all the mOney. Given they way they have handled themselves business wise, I have little doubt that's what they did.

I for One have sworn an oath to NEVER buy another album from them again. I am a Former Fan Of Metallica exercising my only Power to send a loud and clear message to bands and their executive bosses.

F.F.O.M. forever.

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TJKill - 21 Setembro 2007: Okay, St Anger is indeed a piece of sonic crap and yes it seems most of MetallicA's talent sliped away with Cliff Burton's passing(rip). But I still believe this review to be harsh. As shity as it may sound coming out of Hetfield's mouth, these songs are pretty decent metal songs even if not decent Metallica songs. If you have seen the Making Of DVD, you'll understand the incredilble amount of shit the band was walking through, what with hiring their 3rd bassist and such. This album was just a way of blowing off steam and tension. Plus, Cliff wasn't the only source of insiration for the band(The Black Album was written well after Cliff's death).

Anyhow, even if the latest albums have become quite poor, I, as a true Metallica fan, am sticking with to the end, and I will keep buying their albums even if they deserve the gutter.
I hope you can eventually forgive them of this downfall. Nothing lasts forever, not even metal.
Lucifear - 25 Setembro 2007: Hmm i can't say i agree with you to 100% when it comes to Metallica died when Cliff died. I myself like "And Justice For All", though i know some songs were Cliffs ideas they took from tape recordings. And i really fancy the Black Album.

But after that they kinda got into the wrong direction. As you said, "St Anger" was pretty shit. But i'm kinda excited to see what their new album coming up. I do hope they've got the touch back and keep doing more old days like songs :)
emofreak33 - 02 Maio 2010: St. Anger is considered a disgrace and one of the biggest dissapointments in the history of metal. you should at least give Death Magnetic a try, they really cleaned up their act there.
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Comentário @ vikingman369

31 Agosto 2010
I think I'm going to be different for a change and not just mindlessly bash this album just because it's different. Unlike the most of you who consider yourselves "true" Metallica-fans and yet hate the majority of their discography, I was introduced to the band with "I Disappear", which was the heaviest thing I had ever heard. St. Anger came several years later, and I found myself disliking it only because everyOne else hated it. Well, that is a pop-music mentality (just like liking Master of Puppets just because everyOne else does) and I decided to be really different and give this album a second chance.

Though I don't think Metallica has ever dOne a true "concept" album, I think this is about the closest they've ever got. Rage pours out of every track, underscored heavily by the resounding "thwang" of Lars Ulrich's prominent snare drum. There is some disorder to the album, with lines and Riffs that seem to be not part of the original song fitted into One song and somehow making sense. However, if One can open their mind beyond the mindlessness of theMaster-of-Puppets fans, they would realize that the human mind rarely operates on a clean, coherent and orderly pattern. As soon as One thought or emotion arises, another erupts into prominence almost out of nowhere. What is especially chilling is the conclusion of the entire album. With the song "All Within My Hands", whose lyrics focus upon the love-hate relationship between James Hetfield and ex-bassist Jason Newsted. Towards the end of the song, James Hetfield erupts into a psychotic break-down that would make Corey Taylor proud, screaming "KILL KILL KILL KILL!" This is shockingly significant since killing was the overall theme of their first album, "Kill 'Em All", making this song a kind of variation on the band's original lyrical theme.

Yes, there are no solos and yes you can hear Lars' snare. In short, if there were no St. Anger, there'd be no Metallica. If you are the kind of person who wants a Master of Puppets II, then hold your breath forever because it's not going to happen. Even if you don't like the album, One should at least listen to it so they can have an educated opinion and not just hate it out of a blind horde-mentality. Now all I need now is to find a copy that's not scratched up as hell...

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ZazPanzer - 12 Janeiro 2011: Though I don't agree with you about the music, you did a good writing job on this one. Thanx.
Shedding_Skin - 14 Agosto 2011: You question us being true Metallica fans for hatting a majority of their discography, yet you don't like Master of Puppets? A bit hypocritical don't you think? I'm not saying you have to like it, everyone is entitled to there own opinion but I found this a bit hypocritical of such. Good job on the article though dude
Crinn - 02 Maio 2012: (for the eighth time) ONCE AGAIN, my "friend", your credibility goes down even more! And it already went below zero the third review I read by you.
L4G4RT0 - 11 Fevereiro 2013: I agree with Crinn: you should put YOUR point of view, but not criticize people who probably loved Metallica than you will most possibly will. I had a wall in my bedroom full of Metallica's posters, and do I call "idiots" to people who like the new albums? No I don't because I can understand that those guys have just arrived and see things differently. Now, if you just cared to understand the old fans, you would probably show some more respect. Again, you can love St Anger as much as I hate it, you can love that the drums sound like Ulrich is playing on empty-nuclear-waste-barrels, but you cannot tell the others they are wrong about what they think. It's a matter of different point of view. Saying that, if only you could take out the "hate" for different oppinions from your writting, you would have both more respect from other fans and far better reviews....
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Comentário @ Wyntre

28 Junho 2008
Being a hardcøre Metallica fan, expectatiøns før this new album were high. This, their "heaviest album ever", was (in all truth) . . . An utter disapøintment. But tø judge this album, yøu must first knøw abøut it.

This album saw the arrival øf new bass guitarist, spanish legend Røbert, whø was førmerly bassist før Øzzy Øsbøurne. He impressed the remaining members (James Hettfield, Kirk Hammet and Lars Ulrich) at a public bass rehersal that the band ørganised. A perhaps desperate møve øn Metallica's half.

Their prøducer, Bøb Røck, thøught that it wøuld be gøød før the band tø take a new apprøach: "(Tø) make this new album søund as thøugh it's a new garage band... Ønly the band is Metallica."
Nøw, nø disrespect tø Bøb Røck, but what a hørrible decisiøn tø make før legendary Metallica.

Cømpared tø "The Black Album", St.Anger is a bøyband førmed øut øf Disney Characters. The søund was røugh, thøugh that is what they intended, the singing was røugh and sketchy and, øverall, nø amazing ør even mediøcre søngs were made.

When øne hears the name Metallica, a certain expectatiøn øf greatness is expected. Høwever this album did NØT reach expectatiøns, especially as it is under the name Metallica.

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