Death Magnetic

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Band Name Metallica
Album Name Death Magnetic
Type Album
Data de lançamento 12 Setembro 2008
Produced by Rick Rubin
Estilo de MúsicaThrash Metal
Membros têm este álbum1730


1. That Was Just Your Life 07:08
2. The End of the Line 07:52
3. Broken, Beat & Scarred 06:25
4. The Day That Never Comes 07:56
5. All Nightmare Long 07:57
6. Cyanide 06:39
7. The Unforgiven III 07:46
8. The Judas Kiss 08:00
9. Suicide and Redemption 09:57
10. My Apocalypse 05:02
Total playing time 1:14:42

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Crítica @ Scandals

12 Outubro 2008
Before I even got a chance to hear this album I'd been bombarded with online and magazine reviews, opinions and comments about its quality. Best album in 20 odd years, oldies trying too hard and failing, etc etc. So I got the album, have listened to it a good 5 or 6 times in the past few weeks and finally decided what I felt about it. The problem with Metallica is that their past discography is littered with 4 classic thrash gems, the biggest hard rock/metal album of all time and some decent if uninspired hard rock albums. Plus St Anger, which I think would have been regarded as a decent enough album if it didn't have Metallica blazOned across the front. For them it was very average, anyOne else it could have been regarded as good. But Death Magnetic is the reawakening of thrash-Metallica, the One that died after the release of the Black Album. But the band have been aware enough to not erase all they have learned in the past 20 years, the radio and MTV megastar metal has not been ignored, neither the Southern-rocking Load and ReLoad band either. What they have created is an amalgamation of all of their essential parts; speed, thrash, technicality, rock and groove, and created a monster of a comeback. 'That Was Just Your Life' roars out of the starting blocks like 'Battery' and 'Blackened' did so well in the past, but it contains some chugging groove which makes more appearances throughout the album. Kirk Hammett's solos are back as well, and thank the Lord for that, because Metallica without solos was a bit like Motorhead without Lemmy; just plain wrong. It's heartening to find that Metallica still have that ability in them to write a truly cohesive and quality thrash album even after their dalliances with more commercial material. 'The End of the Line' keeps that 'Load'-style groove and rock but couples it to some rocking thrash Riffs, 'The Day That Never Was' is a decent enough attempt at writing another 'One' but without the lyrical content or 'instant classic' feel that 'One' had. 'All Nightmare Long is probably my favourite song on the whole album, it has some excellent speed metal riffing, coupling with a ripping solo and Hetfield's best vocal performance on the record. It's also catchy as hell, just the way prime Metallica should be. Death Magnetic isn't without its problems however. 'Suicide and Redemption' doesn't possess that essential Metallica instrumental feeling that 'Orion' or 'The Call of Suicide' does, which is a bit of a shame as it's an impressive enough piece. 'The Judas Kiss' sounds a bit like the best song the band didn't put on 'St Anger', 'The Unforgiven III' is, I'm guessing, only titled as such so people who notice it sounds familiar don't start claiming the band are just rewriting older songs, and James Hetfield's voice doesn't quite retain that snotty punk attitude that suited the 80s thrash sound well, and some of his lyrics are average in comparison to previous stuff. But Hetfield possesses that iconic sneering roar that gives Metallica a signature sound, and he gives a more Lively performance here. Above all, Metallica have managed to write an album full of catchy, thrashing anthems just as only they could, and for someOne who grew up with the Black Album, Load and ReLoad as a few of their favourite albums, I'm glad they incorporated their entire career's styles into a quality cohesive album. After all, trying to rewrite 'Kill Em All' at their age wouldn't work; they don't possess the youthful energy that current thrash-revival bands have, but when they truly release, Metallica show why they are still thrash legends. And I thought I'd never get to write that. Master, master, THESE are the dreams I've been after...

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L4G4RT0 - 23 Outubro 2008: Bravo! This is a proper and really fair review, although I wouldn't give them 18pts for this work... 18 is rated as "near perfect" for me, and this album still has some weaker moments.

Anyway, I have to agree that this is the best album by Metallica on a long, long time... Let's just say I had to wait 17 years (half my life) to hear a great album from one of my favourite bands :)
Scandals - 24 Outubro 2008: See I thought 18 was a bit high but I found that I kept going back to the album cos I really wanted to listen to it over and over, its been pretty rare for me to find that recently. Check out my blog for some more reviews if your interested
omberra - 07 Novembro 2008: the last album "Magnetic Death" of Metallica was the catastrophe, considering the history of this Great Band,that i really like,this album is the beginning of the end for this band,Metallica will never see the sun of tomorrow, they will not again if they continue giving stuff like this one. sorry Metallica, but i said what am i supposed to say,coz i can't play the role of the blind,and keep watching till it comes the end!

The Dark Flag...
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Crítica @ ThrashAttack

25 Agosto 2010
A while ago before I had heard this album, I had read my share of reviews both good and bad about this album. Then, a few months ago I had heard two songs from it off the Internet and figured it'd be worth buying.

After I had bought it, it lay on my shelf for a few months without me listening to it because I was afraid of what I would hear. A few days ago, I finally decided to listen to it.

For the first few songs I was liking it... until something happened. I glanced at the display of my cd player and I didn't believe what I saw.
It was only the fifth song, but it felt as though I'd been listening to it for about an hour.

I felt as though each song dragged on, way to longer than it should have.
Sure, every Metallica album has few long songs, but whenever I hear One of them, it doesn't seem dragged out, but these Ones do, especially since they are all dragged out just as much, so in contrast they seem 10 minutes longer than they should. And, unlike most long songs, each riff is repeated very often, so you end up having songs around eight minutes long with about five verses and three choruses, with a bridge and solo in the middle, and nothing else.

Another flaw with the album is how each song sounds the same so you have trouble distinguishing One from another. The songs themselves (despite the repetition mentiOned above) can be pretty enjoyable, but I find that if you listen to it from end to end, it feels like you're listening to the same song ten times in a row, due to how similar each song sounds.

I enjoy Metallica, I find them really talented, but this album just doesn't seem very good (especially when you compare this to RTL or MOP) and doesn't strike me as an instant classic, but it might be remembered as Metallica's turning point because, it's definitely an improvement from St Anger.

Happy listening!

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Crítica @ L4G4RT0

11 Setembro 2010
This is the album that Metallica fans have been waiting for 20 years... or not? Well, It has never been so hard to me to say what I really think about a Metallica album, mainly because they have 4 superb works and then they changed their sound to that rock-metal stuff and released the black album (which still has great songs) and those next 3 albums that are a bit harder to like. Then they came up with this Death Magnetic and yes, it has Metallica written all over: Riffs that remember oldies goldies, but the song-base is still Metallica from the last 2 decades. That being said, the album has both what I love and what I hate in Metallica. It has great tracks like "That was just your life", "The Day That Never Comes" and has tracks that I can't really afford do like, for example "Cyanide", where the band's creativity is far from being at it's best (and it's a big song!!). "Unforgiven III" is a good song, but well, I think we've had enough of that Unforgiven stuff... please give us a "Master of Puppets II" instead! Even then, as I listen to the album, I was really falling into those catchy Riffs, great drumming (the best i've listen by Ulrich for a long time) and here and there I was really thinking "is it me or this sounds like something they have dOne before?"...

I can't really say this is One of the best Metallica's albums, all along it has some great songs, but many ideas stolen from the old era mixed along with their current style, the solos are not that brilliant but if you dig deeply into the album and forget what Metallica was before the 90's you can't avoid to say it is a good album, and yes, if you really afford to listen to it like it's the first album you can really like it a lot... So don't be mistaken: I like the album after all!!

Death Magnetic has all the disadvantages of Metallica's history, and if I'd give high ratings to their first four albums, I can't avoid to say this is not amongst their pearls, but it's worth (a lot) to listen because in their entire career this is their best album in almost 20 years!

Rated: 16

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Comentário @ Vinrock666

20 Janeiro 2009
Death Magnetic, the 2008 LP release from Metallica, is a most triumphant return to the style of metal that put them on the musical map in the first place. This is thrash metal to say the least: rhythmic, repetitious, heavy, and relentless. Most of the songs can be described in these terms, most notably “The End Of The Line”, “All Nightmare Long”, and “My Apocalypse”. Other songs thankfully feature small variations between and in some cases during. For example, “The Day That Never Comes” has a soft movement in the middle, and “The Unforgiven III” is introduced with a piano and some strings. The main drive and focus of the entire album is old Metallica style thrash, complete with a return to the raspy growl that once defined James Hetfield’s voice. There are times when Hetfield does return to singing; however, but the success lies is the coupling between the heavy and slow. Another old tradition brought back is the instrumental track. “Suicide And Redemption” sans the voice is perhaps the most all encompassing of the band’s current abilities. Everything well dOne on the album is represented here. What needs to be said, then, is that what Death Magnetic shows best is the equal representation of all the members of the band (the fact that the writing credits are given to all of the members are most telling of this rather new found attitude) when listening to the songs. Robert Trujillo’s bass is easily heard and appreciated everwhere. On “Cyanide” it’s the bass that leads off, on “The Unforgiven III” it is the bass that is most prevalent, and for every part of heavy shredding elsewhere, it’s that bottom-end sound that keeps every riff hOnest to that which is thrash. “Broken, Beat & Scarred” is possibly the best track on the record because of this; it feels heavy – not just written or performed that way. The songs benefit from the flipside of this argument as well. Lars Ulrich plays to the beat more than off of it and Kirk Hammett’s solos are more within each main theme than outside of it (although the solo from “The Judas Kiss” is a most notable exception. It’s perhaps his best effort here). By playing with less of an individual agenda – all of the songs are better off. The lyrics are still more personal than topical, but a central theme can be spotted. The paraphrasing of Neitzsche’s “That which does not kill you only makes you stronger” appears as “the slave becomes the master”. That, and the final line from “Broken, Beat & Scarred” – “we die hard” – seems to reveal the true Power behind Metallica and Death Magnetic: it is from them that they thrived and survived – not the fans or the media or the world. Of course, it may also explain the One weakness of the album as well – the notion that some of the songs sound too much like past works. “Cyanide” is the worst culprit of all along with “The Unforgiven III” (for its obvious connection). Still, anywhere else that a similarity can be pointed to seems more like an echo to the band’s past than a blatant borrowing and thus does nothing to diminish the Power of the current works here. To add it all up, Death Magnetic is an excellent thrash metal album, not only One of Metallica’s best, but One of the best metal albums to come out in ’08. To that, thanks should be in order.

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Comentário @ akatsukilegend

02 Outubro 2008
I think that Death Magnetic is the most amazing Metallica album ever. The songs are just beyond belief. You hear the 3-minute solo at the end of "Death Magnetic" and you're just like "huh? how'd they do that? are they even human?!" Their old stuff is good, but their new stuff is totally better. The bass at the beginning of "All Nightmare Long" is great too. And "My Apocalypse" is like in your face awesomeness. Plus it's the song the title comes from. All in all, this is a great album, and anyOne who has never heard Metallica before should listen to this album first. They'll get hooked.

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Comentário @ The_Mutilator

06 Novembro 2008
The Day That Never Comes

Sitting in a hotel room in Huaraz, I dare to downLoad from a "X" blog the last Metallica'S album. I say "I dare", because the so promoted “return to the roots" of these gentlemen (Metallica band) didn't excite me at all. Of course, after all the bullshit (so much in CD as in DVD) that they've edited in the last years, the majority have lost the hope.

What I don't understand until now is why they have tried to release an album that sounds as One in the "old times". I don't even want to think that because of the summit of "retro-thrash" and the fall of new metal, the ex-defenders of speed-thrash + guest, have seen that the business was getting down and decided to record an album like in the 80's in order to continue breathing in the competitive world of commercial music and get into the new batch of headbangers that are looking for "heroes" and of whom they could be their parents, No Remorse ? ... Think bad and you'll succeed.

I say all this because I've been listening to the mentiOned Death Magnetic these last days until I got sick of it. I don't know if I did it because I wanted to convince myself the disc was good or to verify if everything that was said to me were truth.

Unfortunately, the result wasn't positive. Is the first time I see (and listen to) a band trying to copy itself. The music can sound some parts like the MASTER album or maybe like the AND JUSTICE, and it may has a lot of THE BLACK ALBUM but the attitude (be careful ! Attitude, no pose) it does not appear anywhere. Just pay attention to the lifestyle they have in this moment. So far away from the flag that a lot of us carry with proud (including me). We must remember WE Live FOR METAL, NOT OF METAL and since the moment you take the music as a tool from where to get mOney, everything becomes shit.

Just like in the documentary : Some Kind of Monster, it would be good if they go back to therapy, but this time in order to see in what else they could use their time instead of being cheating people.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have been favored witnesses of the big shot on the zombie's head who never passed the 80's


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vikingman369 - 17 Setembro 2010: leave Metallica the fuck alone! I swear, just by reading what all you Slayer-fan/Metallica-hater-trolls post on every single (and i do mean EVERY SINGLE) metal-site or webpage, you'd think Metallica hasn't done a single right thing since 1986
L4G4RT0 - 01 Abril 2012: I agree that they heard all old stuff before making all this new songs, but they mixed it with their sound post '90. You see, my favorite album first was "Master of Puppets", but some time later I learned to love the superb "And Justice For All", the album where they started to change. Load, Reload, St Anger are not amongst my favorites, but they ARE Metallica, so yes, I have to respect all opinions and figure out how people stuck there in 1983, and some people just love their "false energy burst" latest works...
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Comentário @ Morsifer

22 Fevereiro 2013

The Four Horsemen are back on track!

I have been a fan of Metallica since the very beginning and each album has been a masterpiece for me, except for St Anger. They already tried to follow a path of softer thrash metal with Load and ReLoad which I personally enjoyed quite a lot. But I consider that they went a step too far with St Anger and Load seems to prove this fact. They tried something new, it didn’t work and they just turned back to do what they do best: thrash metal.
I do think that this album is the rebirth of the n°1 of the Big Four. Some people may believe that James and his crew lost their faith after the release of the Black Album and deprived the fans of the right to listen to ‘true thrash metal’ by greed for fame and wealth. But if you are good at something, don’t do it for free!

Let’s face it, they play music for a living and they do it well! Just by listening to the song All Nightmare Long we know The Four Horsemen are back on track! The Riffs in this song are as Powerful as in Fight Fire With Fire. I don’t understand one thing though: why on earth all of the songs are so long? St Anger truly lacked of solos and I guess that Kirk wanted to make it up to the fans. But a good deed must be done with some restraint and songs like The Judas Kiss drag on time like babies suck up all the milk from their mom’s tits (hope this was a good metaphor).
Though Suicide and Redemption may prove what I just said to be total nonsense with a nonstop 10 minute-Riffs playing masterpiece with absolutely no singing!

Anyway, I strongly recommend new fans, former fans and fans like me who always stuck up for one of their favorite bands to listen thoroughly to this album and make up their minds afterwards.

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