I Disappear

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Band Name Metallica
Album Name I Disappear
Type Single
Released date 2000
Labels Edel Music
Music StyleThrash Metal
Members owning this album131


1. I Disappear
2. I Disappear (Instrumental)

Review @ vikingman369

15 January 2011

The first real metal I heard

Imagine a kid, unaware of the prejudices in music, liking bands such as Disturbed, Linkin Park, P.O.D. and System Of A Down. Then One day, he finishes watching the DVD version of the film "MI: 2". Well, during the intro, the "Mission Impossible" theme had been translated into heavy-rock Riffs, and I wanted to hear more of it. Playing about on the DVD player, I thought I found a link called "music video" that would satisfy that desire.

As soon as the video kicked in, I knew that I was not listening to Limp Bizkit (the band which had translated MI's theme into said riffage). I was not listening to any music I had ever heard before. I was listening to something different all-together.

I was listening to Metallica!

It was harder, heavier and louder than Bizkit, than Disturbed, than anything I had ever heard before. Living in an ultra-religious home at the time, I was fearful that the sheer loudness would arouse the ire of my Varg-Vikernes-look-alike father and disrupt my experience of this damn awesome band.

Fortunately, I was spared that interruption and allowed to listen to this masterpiece by a band that I now have come to know and love as The Four Horsemen.

It was better than everything I had ever heard before. I immediately associated with the band and imagined me and my brothers in their stead: my younger brother as Kirk, older brother as Jason and myself as James Hetfield, up on that mesa, throwing down heavy Riffs and shredding a sweet guitar solo.

That was a happier time. I knew nothing of "selling out", of Napster, of the hatred you people have against nu metal and, for that matter, against Metallica...

Today, I still love "I Disappear". I still think it's as heavy now as it was then. Were it not for Metallica, I would have gOne on listening to nu metal, becoming the exact stereotypical nu-metal "poser" you falsely accuse me of being. For that, I am forever in their debt, and though I now like Megadeth as well, I will NEVER forget what Metallica did for me in opening the door for the first real metal I had heard.

Looking back, it still amazes me that people are hating on Metallica. It might not be your precious "Master of Puppets", but if "I Disappear" is heavier than any nu metal band at the period when you thought they had become "soft", "happy" "sellouts", then what does this say for the greatness of Metallica?! Even when you think they are at their weakest, lowest points ever, they are still strong.

That revelation is what made me know in my heart, despite your trollings, that Metallica was still the same through St. Anger, through Death Magnetic, and will continue to be the same until The Four Horsemen leave this world to join Cliff Burton in that Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in the Sky.

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Lightning - 16 June 2018:

great story ! thank you for sharing it with us, mate.

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