The Premonition

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Band Name Firewind
Album Name The Premonition
Type Album
Data wpisu 24 Marzec 2008
Wydawcy Century Media
Wyprodukowany przez Fredrik Nordström
Nagrany w Studio Fredman
Styl muzycznyMelodic Power
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album195


Re-Issue in 2012 by Century Media with Live Premonition CD included (Limited Special Edition).
1. Into the Fire 06:28
2. Head Up High 03:46
3. Mercenary Man 03:28
4. Angels Forgive Me 04:57
5. Remembered 03:38
6. My Loneliness 04:04
7. Circle of Life 04:14
8. The Silent Code 04:48
9. Maniac (Mickaël Sambello Cover) 04:55
10. Life Foreclosed 04:52
Bonustracks (Japanese Release)
11. Ride to the Rainbow's End 04:30
12. Spirits in a Digital World 04:04
13. Mercenary Man (Acoustic Version) 03:54
BONUS DVD - Live Premonition
Recorded Live at Principal Club Theater, Thessaloniki, Greece, 12/01/2008.
1. Into the Fire 06:34
2. Head Up High 03:43
3. Mercenary Man 03:56
4. My Loneliness 04:01
Interviews with All Band Members
1. Bob 03:22
2. Mark 04:50
3. Apollo 02:05
4. Petros 03:25
5. Gus 05:59
Total playing time 45:10

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Komentarz @ Metty

03 Lipiec 2008
Firewind return with album No 5 and it's a real revelation. Everybody who is into Melodic Power Metal should check out "The Premonition" and will love it. Promise.

Gus G. and his greek/american Back-up have created nine brand new hymns that totally rule. The opener `Into the Fire´ has a classic guitar intro which reminds me of Metallica´s ´Battery´, but leads into a speedy grenade that could also have been written by Helloween or Gamma Ray. The rest of the album has about the same quality and you can not really pick out one special song, except perhaps for ´Mercinary Man´ which sounds a lot like Thin Lizzy and is one of the greatest songs I´ve ever known.

I´ve first been disappointed that there are only ten tracks on the album and that it does not play that long, but after listening some times I think that it was wise to add no more songs, because if those had been weaker they might have spoiled the brilliant impression of this album.
The only little stain on this outrageous record is the ´Maniac´- cover which sounds very close to the original and can not compare to the band´s own songs (especially not compared to the brilliant ´Maniac´-version of Sargant Fury). Yet, this is almost the highest note and definitely one of the best I´ve heard in the last years. I think these guys are in for fame !

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