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Band Name Firewind
Album Name Allegiance
Type Album
Data wpisu 24 Lipiec 2006
Wydawcy Nuclear Blast
Wyprodukowany przez Fredrik Nordström
Styl muzycznyMelodic Power
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album180


1. Allegiance 04:41
2. Insanity 04:29
3. Falling to Pieces 04:03
4. Ready to Strike 04:35
5. Breaking the Silence 04:03
6. Deliverance 06:07
7. Till the End of Time 04:36
8. Dreamchaser 04:07
9. Before the Storm 03:42
10. The Essence 04:19
11. Where Do We Go from Here ? 03:57
Bonustracks (Japanese Release)
12. Healing Tool 04:43
13. Demon Nights 04:21
Total playing time 48:39

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Komentarz @ metallicsoul120

08 Styczeń 2010
2006 Firewind released the album Allegiance. A nice power metal album by a nice power metal band.

First The title song "Allegiance". This is my favorite. Very good vocals by Apollo Papathanasiou and also really good lyrics. An authentic power metal song. Hard and yet melodic.I don't believe that anyone can stop listening to it!!!

The second song,"Insanity", is more of a traditional Heavy Metal song, but still fits with the standards of the album and the band. Also, the guitar solo is epic!

The rest of the songs are too very good. I highly recommend No3 "Falling to Pieces", which may have long durance, but that doesn't disturb any of the lyric and melodic character of the song. Two other nice songs are "Deliverance" and "The Essence".

All in all this album and, well, the whole band gave me a very good impression of Greek power metal music. I hope you will enjoy the band's music as much as I did.


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