Bloody Pit of Horror

lista zespołów Thrash Metal Gwar Bloody Pit of Horror
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Band Name Gwar
Album Name Bloody Pit of Horror
Type Album
Data wpisu 09 Listopad 2010
Styl muzycznyThrash Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album30


1. Zombies, March!
2. Come the Carnivore
3. A Gathering of Ghouls
4. Storm Is Coming
5. Tick-Tits
6. Beat You to Death
7. You Are My Meat
8. Hail, Genocide!
9. KZ Necromancer
10. The Litany of the Slain
11. Sick and Twisted
Bonustracks (Digipack Version)
12. Hell-o Medley
13. Stripper Christmas Summer Weekend