The Scythe

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Nom du groupe Elvenking
Nom de l'album The Scythe
Type Album
Date de parution 14 Septembre 2007
Labels AFM Records
Enregistré à Sherpa Studios
Style MusicalFolk Metal
Membres possèdant cet album77


 The Scythe
 Lost Hill of Memories
 Poison Tears
 A Riddle of Stars
 Romance & Wrath
 The Divided Heart
 Horns Ablaze
 Death and the Suffering

 The Open Breach (Japanese Edition)

Durée totale : 01:04:38

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Chronique @ CLucker666

07 Janvier 2012

Great album but it is not folk

Elvenking is an Italian Power Metal band. However, it says they are folk on Spirit of Metal. From what I have read and see, Elvenking use to be an extremely good Folk Metal band. I don't think this album is bad by any means but I have yet to hear their older material.

This album is an extremely good Power Metal record with a few folk elements added in like the violin, but it definitely is not folk. When I first saw Elvenking I was hoping to hear something like Korpiklaani or Ensiferum. Instead I got a band somewhat similar to Blind Guardian with a lower pitched singer. Of course that is not a bad thing by any means, but I do not think they are quite as good as Blind Guardian.

This album is full of epic melodic riffs which are extremely catchy and a lot of songs like The Divided Heart have extremely catchy choruses. One thing I like about them is that they actually do some growls. To hear growls in a power metal band is a really big plus for me. Before each song there is a man talking, which can get a bit boring throughout the album. I thought it was pretty cool at first, but as the album progressed it started to bore me a little. The first song starts off with it then the guitars, bass, and drums come in and he lets a few low growls which helped me get into the album a lot.

I think the violin in some of the songs helped the melody a whole lot. The melody of the album stayed pretty solid throughout it all. I almost felt a Trivium vibe when listening to the album. Almost as if Trivium went Power metal. The guitar solos were really melodic and usually lead into a really cool riff. The solo towards the end of the song The Scythe was a really good example of this and it was probably my favorite.

This band has shown me they know what they are doing and I will be listening to the rest of their discography soon. They have earned a spot as one of my favorite power metal bands already and they are a must for any power/folk metal fan out there. I rated this album a 16/20.

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Crinn - 07 Janvier 2012: There's a typo in the first paragraph. Make sure to proofread your reviews before you post them ;) nice review! and you're right, they really have changed their style.
CLucker666 - 07 Janvier 2012: thanks man!(:
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