The Scythe

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Band Name Elvenking
Album Name The Scythe
Type Album
Data de aparición 14 Septiembre 2007
Labels AFM Records
Enregistrado en Sherpa Studios
Estilo MusicalFolk Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum77


 The Scythe
 Lost Hill of Memories
 Poison Tears
 A Riddle of Stars
 Romance & Wrath
 The Divided Heart
 Horns Ablaze
 Death and the Suffering

 The Open Breach (Japanese Edition)

Total playing time: 01:04:38

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Crónica @ CLucker666

07 Enero 2012

Great album but it is not folk

Elvenking is an Italian Power Metal band. However, it says they are folk on Spirit of Metal. From what I have read and see, Elvenking use to be an extremely good Folk Metal band. I don't think this album is bad by any means but I have yet to hear their older material.

This album is an extremely good Power Metal record with a few folk elements added in like the violin, but it definitely is not folk. When I first saw Elvenking I was hoping to hear something like Korpiklaani or Ensiferum. Instead I got a band somewhat similar to Blind Guardian with a lower pitched singer. Of course that is not a bad thing by any means, but I do not think they are quite as good as Blind Guardian.

This album is full of epic melodic riffs which are extremely catchy and a lot of songs like The Divided Heart have extremely catchy choruses. One thing I like about them is that they actually do some growls. To hear growls in a power metal band is a really big plus for me. Before each song there is a man talking, which can get a bit boring throughout the album. I thought it was pretty cool at first, but as the album progressed it started to bore me a little. The first song starts off with it then the guitars, bass, and drums come in and he lets a few low growls which helped me get into the album a lot.

I think the violin in some of the songs helped the melody a whole lot. The melody of the album stayed pretty solid throughout it all. I almost felt a Trivium vibe when listening to the album. Almost as if Trivium went Power metal. The guitar solos were really melodic and usually lead into a really cool riff. The solo towards the end of the song The Scythe was a really good example of this and it was probably my favorite.

This band has shown me they know what they are doing and I will be listening to the rest of their discography soon. They have earned a spot as one of my favorite power metal bands already and they are a must for any power/folk metal fan out there. I rated this album a 16/20.

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Crinn - 07 Enero 2012: There's a typo in the first paragraph. Make sure to proofread your reviews before you post them ;) nice review! and you're right, they really have changed their style.
CLucker666 - 07 Enero 2012: thanks man!(:
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