Stormblåst (Re-Recorded)

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Band Name Dimmu Borgir
Album Name Stormblåst (Re-Recorded)
Type Album
Дата релиза 07 Февраль 2006
Лейблы Nuclear Blast
Produced by
Recorded at Abyss Studio
Музыкальный стильSymphonic Black
Владельцы этого альбома674


1. Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen 04:44
2. Broderskapets Ring 05:30
3. Nar Sjelen Hentes til Helvete 04:43
4. Sorgens Kammer – Del II 05:51
5. Da den Kristne Satte Livet Til 03:03
6. Stormblast 06:10
7. Dødsferd 05:42
8. Antikrist 03:36
9. Vinder Frau en Enson Grav 04:00
10. Guds Fortapelse - Åpenbaring Av Dommedag 04:01
11. Avmaktslave 03:54
DVD (Ozzfest 2004)
1. Spellbound (By the Devil) (Live) 04:20
2. Vredesbyrd (Live) 04:48
3. Kings of the Carnival Creation (Live) 08:07
4. Progenies of the Great Apocalypse (Live) 05:25
5. Mourning Palace (Live) 05:45
Total playing time 1:19:39

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Комментарий @ Schakal83

13 Сентябрь 2014

an excellent example of dark-black metal

The band "Dimmu Borgir" re-recorded a masterpiece album called "Stormblast" in the year 2005. The story of the "black castle" is continued in this chapter "Stormblast". From the moment you push the play button and the first track intro begin to tale you a fairy story of haunted castle and black shadow full of gothic dark embrace which persist through the last track. It is in my honest opinion the best album of Dimmu Borgir. The album is full of dark keyboards and superb solos of guitars embrace with the beauty of gothic elements and some classic riffs. If you listen carefully the track "Stormblast" tells the whole conceptual story of the album. I must say the production is perfectly done by the master in chief of the Abbys studio, the man behind the button's, Peter Tagtgren itself whom has done a perfect job, every element is at his place, the vocals are perfectly executed by Shagrath's voice, the guitar's riffs are magnificent, the drums are in the right place, all in all a perfect album which you must buy.
The resistant tracks: Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen, Stormblast, Dodsferd, Antikrist.
Buy it or die it.

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