Death Cult Armageddon

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Band Name Dimmu Borgir
Album Name Death Cult Armageddon
Type Album
Дата релиза 08 Сентябрь 2003
Produced by Fredrik Nordström
Recorded at Studio Fredman
Музыкальный стильSymphonic Black
Владельцы этого альбома1344


Bonustrack from Digipack Edition.
 Progenies of the Great Apocalypse
 Leper Among Us
 For the World to Dictate Our Death
 Blood Hunger Doctrine
 Allehelgens Dod I Helveds Rike
 Cataclysm Children
 Eradication Instincts Defined
 Unorthodox Manifesto
 Heavenly Perverse

 Satan My Master (Bathory Cover)

Total playing time: 01:05:38

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Обзор @ vikingman369

18 Октябрь 2010
From out of a sea of Norwegian black-metal mediocrity, where practically every band from Burzum to Windir sounds basically the same, one band slowly evolved into something that would make the Norwegian black metal scene famous rather than infamous.

That band was Dimmu Borgir.

When first I heard "Progenies", I knew I had stepped into a darker world. There was something more primal and evil about this than anything Cradle of Filth, Metallica or any death metal bands I had previously listened to before could ever have achieved. They didn't have to spout out profanities, they were hard enough. Brutal drum-beats, chugging tremolo-picked power-chords, epic keyboard orchestrations and growling vocals from the pit of Hell really created the depth and darkness of the song.

And then, just as it continued, the operatic voice of ICS Vortex lifted me out of the darkness and into a world that transcends very existence.

I know, I know, enough ass-kissing.

The truth is that this is the first real black metal I ever heard, and I don't see why people have such against this album.

Some time has passed since that teenager first heard of the "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse", and now I look back and see all the shit the band has gone through in this album alone. Why are people complaining that the symphony drowns out the metal, when what they consider to be "good" black metal has worse recording quality than Edison's phonograph?! Why are Vortex's vocalizations considered "moldy"? In truth, his pre-DCA vocalizations sound too reminiscent of Arcturus, and his DCA/ISD work sounds wholly separate from his vocalizations of before.

But back to the album. Though I'm not a major fan of your run-of-the-mill, God-hating black metal bands (I'm more into the Viking/Progressive type), the album has some definite moments of epic-ness. Favorites are "Progenies" and "Eradication Instincts Defined". Other bad-ass songs are the Bathory-cover, which you can actually hear the guitar riffs in, and "Allehelgens" for Vortex's cosmo-raising singing.

Is Megadeth "not metal" because they're signed to a major label, have had music videos AND have had one of their songs be the theme song to MTV? You say no. Dimmu Borgir signed the major label, have had music videos, and have had appearances on MTV...are they not metal? Definitely not! This band has made the black metal scene renown for something more than murder and arson.

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Crinn - 21 Октябрь 2012: The first paragraph alone proves that you have no idea what you're talking about. Premature review, I agree with you that this album is fucking awesome, but "real" black metal existed over 15 years before the release of this album.
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