In Sorte Diaboli

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Band Name Dimmu Borgir
Album Name In Sorte Diaboli
Type Album
Дата релиза 24 Апрель 2007
Recorded at Studio Fredman
Музыкальный стильSymphonic Black
Владельцы этого альбома1322


 The Serpentine Offering
 The Chosen Legacy
 The Conspiracy Unfolds
 The Sacrilegious Scorn
 The Fallen Arises
 The Sinister Awakening
 The Fundamental Alienation
 The Invaluable Darkness
 The Foreshadowing Furnace

Total playing time: 42:44

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Обзор @ Vadim

22 Июль 2007
I didn't know what to expect for Dimmu when I got "In Sorte Diaboli". I mean, DCA was a pretty crappy album considering I only liked 2 songs from it. I was really curious so I bought this album. To my surprise though, it wasn't as disappointing as I thought it would be. It kicks off with The Serpentine Offering, which in my opinion, has a really great orchestral beginning. I swore when I heard the beginning of that song, I thought it was going to be some Battle Metal album. Then Shagrath's vocals came in along with the deathly guitars. I was baffled, seriously. I couldn't believe my ears. They didn't overdo any of the guitar works or the vocals.

What really got me on this album is that Shagrath was actually making a chorus. He wasn't just making sentences that got strung together with gays guitar work. Of course Vortex, who always was my favourite member along with Hellhammer, actually made really good clean-vocals as usual. "In Sorte Diaboli" is definitely faster then previous albums and has better drum work by the famous Hellhammer. Even if Hellhammer is good. It does have some annoying parts. The next song "The Chosen Legacy" is one of the most annoying songs on here. It just doesn't have any good riffs or anything.

It would be pretty much pointless to go song through song on this album, because there are too many small details and things that would take forever to pick out. I've said this about other albums as well, but I think this album deserves the "Most Detailed Album" award. Which for Dimmu, being complicated is ok. "The Fundamental Alienation" is definitely to me, the most standout song on the album. I kind of wish Vortex would've sung in this song, but I think it worked out fine.

I would recommend this to Dimmu fans. It's not a good album if your just starting. Definitely not when you start because there are way better Cd's by Dimmu and other bands. I think they did good on this album. I like it more then DCA and all the other overdone albums. "In Sorte Diaboli" kept it right under tolerable Black Orchestral Metal. I think it is a spectacular album with some flaws that are easy to get through if you’re a Dimmu fan.

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Обзор @ InfinityZero

07 Март 2010
Hi guys, I’m here reviewing again. This time I’m looking at Dimmu Borgir’s biggest mistake: In Sorte Diaboli. Since Dimmu’s release of Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, we've seen the deterioration of a once great black metal band. They did manage to keep some shred of dignity up to and including P.E.M., but now that's all gone. This is the album where Dimmu Borgir finally scrapes the bottom of the barrel. Before doing this review, I had only heard one or two songs from the album. I knew it was bad, but I delved deeper to see if there was something... anything to make me see that Dimmu Borgir had somewhere to take their band after this...

The album opens with a cheesy operatic synth intro, played by Mustis. (Don’t worry; there are plenty of those on here). Once the guitars and drums kick in, we're introduced to the first big problem of the album: a guitar riff with only 2 chords that follows the simple keyboard riff. That’s the kind of thing that’s bad when a band is brand new, but this band has been around for 17 YEARS. It’s ridiculous to revert to riffs that are simpler than riffs from their debut album. On top of that, most of the time, both guitarists are playing the exact same riff. Shagrath's vocals come in, and they sound feeble and exhausted, no longer suited for black metal. The black metal growl he had in Stormblåst was depleted long ago, and to cover it up, you often hear his vocals being distorted by computerized effects, which is not something I like to hear in a metal album. The drumming, while done by Hellhammer, is generic and boring, focusing on being just plain fast rather than focusing on any sort of style. Vortex's vocals have never bugged me much before, since Dimmu Borgir has been using melodic vocals since For All Tid, but in this album, I think Dimmu decided to just push his vocals into random parts of as many songs as possible rather than use his voice in a constructive way that contributes to the song. I can’t even begin to tell you what bass lines he’s playing, so I’m only assuming that he’s doing the exact same thing that both guitarists are already doing. What a waste.

As the album progresses, you get the sense that a lot of ideas here were rushed and crammed together, and it makes the overall album sound like a big mess of rapid drumming, simple guitar riffs, and random "mood changes" that make the album hard to sit through and sound way too much like the first song or two. Dimmu Borgir has now reached the point where every shred of decency and dignity as a black metal band (or even a metal band) are gone. The theatrical element that is present on every Dimmu album doesn't fit with anything else that the music tries to do. I think this album was more of a way for Dimmu to say "Look at how bad ass we are, guys!" And that's something that you see in so many crap bands that are around now. It's hard to accept that such a good black metal band would sink so low. If you've heard just one song from this album, then you get the gist of what this album is like. Every song starts to meld together, and every song on the album takes the same tone.

The only song on the album that sounds any different from the others is "The Fallen Arises" which is an instrumental that sounds like left over material from the song "Fear and Wonder" from P.E.M. It has none of the majesty or power that previous instrumentals like Glittertind or Inn i Evighetens Mørke had, but at least it's short. And after that's done, we're right back to where we started: the same generic "bad ass" sound that was tired out by the second song. There isn’t much point in describing each song, because the songs sound so much alike, it’s almost like listening to a more “bad ass” version of Dragonforce.

In comparison to Death Cult Armageddon and Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropy, nothing new is brought to the table. It's like Dimmu Borgir just kept using junk material from Death Cult Armageddon and recycling it over and over. This band is way past tired out, and unless they come out with something halfway decent in the next album, I don’t see any reason why this band should continue. Sure, you’ll hear modern Dimmu Borgir fans defending this album by saying that it isn’t meant to be black metal, and that bands are allowed to evolve musically, and I agree with that (I love Empyrium and they weren’t any kind of metal in their last few years), but it’s like they’ve devolved, making every song sound like the same big sloppy mess played over and over. In short, the whole album is completely worthless. If I had to give my favorite song, I guess I'd have to go with The Sacreligous Scorn since it has the most changes and sections that sound different... although seeing the video for it almost made me bust a gut laughing at the self-parody that Dimmu Borgir has become. Rating: 2/20

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Lsuforever - 06 Ноябрь 2010: Actually dude their biggest mistake is their newest album Abrahadabra.
InfinityZero - 06 Ноябрь 2010: I reviewed this album before anyone had even heard of Abrahadabra. Oh and I have put up a review for Abrahadabra anyway.
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Обзор @ CLucker666

05 Май 2012

I have yet to understand why people dislike this album

Well I have never been a die hard Dimmu fan but they have always been one of my favorite symphonic black metal bands. This album really defines where they are going to take their sound as shown in Abrahadabra(which was not really up to potential). I have heard a lot of mixed thoughts about this album just on the reviews posted above. What I am not really getting is, why is it such a disaster? What exactly is so bad about it?

Well to me this album is an amazing symphonic black metal album and it instantly grabs my attention with the harbor sounding synth at the beginning of the album. It is pretty obvious that Dimmu is trying to focus on the synth to really outline their sound. I guess for the die hard raw black metal heads, this might be a disappointment. But, for anybody else that can get into about any genre(like myself) then I do not see their being a problem at all.

Hellhammer's drumming is amazing throughout the entire 42 minutes. The double bass is definitely what caught my attention which is pretty noticeable from the beginning. With the fast paced blast beats and double bass along with creepy melodic synth and dark and catchy guitar riffs, what's not to love??? Even the clean singing which usually would seem a little odd but it still flows so perfectly, especially in The Sacrilegious Scorn. Which is probably my favorite track on the album. The beginning just has a really different feel to it. It just has a catchy synth intro then pauses and you hear a person letting out a sudden breath and it goes straight into the song. You need to hear the song to get the full affect or even understand what I am saying at all.

I feel as if DB is really showing that they can take their sound and evolve it to something totally new without being to sudden and ruining their original sound. Sure they have some other sympho albums but this one definitely sticks out the most to me. Not much of their original sound really is left but I am really just referring to the last few previous albums.

The interlude song (track 6) is by far my favorite interlude of all time. IT makes me think of medieval times because of the creepy aura feel to it and the horses in the background. It just gives off an amazing feel for the album.

Well that is about it for this review. I recommend this album to any metalhead who has the slightest bit of interest for black metal and its sub-genres. I give this album a 18/20. This is my favorite symphonic black metal record mainly because it was one of my first and has always stuck with me since then.

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hack - 05 Май 2012: This was the DB album where I started to lose interest in the band. You did well with this review anyhow.
Crinn - 06 Май 2012: I agree with you, I don't see anything wrong with this album (although to be honest, this is one of their MUCH weaker albums). I rated this 14/20. But yeah, I don't understand what the big deal with all this hate towards Dimmu Borgir is haha. It is a gem when listened to, but it doesn't give me the motivation to repeatedly go back to it like For All Tid, P.E.M., Death Cult Armageddeon, and E.D.T. do.
CLucker666 - 06 Май 2012: thanks! and yeah like if I'm in the mood for raw black metal then ill listen to for all tid but as far as symphonic I prefer this one
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Комментарий @ Julien

13 Апрель 2007
It is better to be direct in this kind of chronicle. For my part and it is purely personal, I had stuck in no way on " Death Cult Armaggedon. "
Too clean maybe, or simply not enough Dimmu Borgir. Result, I didn't too much know how to approach this new album. In spite of the arrived of legendary striker of Mayhem and Stormblast 2005 , intense in its réinterprétation, the capacity has to write again something good stayed to demonstrate.
Announced as a concept album, " In Sort Diaboli " made more and more fear, I was wrong ….
Let us begin with the concept which finally is more situated around lyrics than around musical continuity.
Let us plant the decoration, we here is thus plunged into a means age or we find a young man in the grip of interrogation concerning its faith. Follower of a christian one he will turn away to Christianity, step by step, for go to darkness.
Here is the story which is told us. Even if musically there are no links between the tracks, we find some small connections as a line of singing for example (thank you Silenoz).
But what is the considerable it's that highly-rated too grandiloquent which had Death Cult Armaggedon disappeared. Finished the abuse of the symphony orchestra has 1 million dollars.Here symphonic part supports perfectly compos without flooding them in a honeyed stream. As what you should not deceive good things, one it's good, too much it is bad. Result the set kicks away sharply more blackness and sets in guts.
Between DCA and " In Sort Diaboli" there is no photo. The one is an album of black and not the other one. I pity the persons who discovered the group two years ago with an album so inferior. The riffs of guitars is too more hurtful, we find a good coherence from a title to the other one and even if it is not a concept album in the most common sens, it is very difficult to pull a title. It is better to beware 40 minutes and to listen to of one only line, the pleasure will be there only bigger. And what say about Hellhammer. It was necessary to arrive there but without making insult to these predecessors, it is necessary to admit that its contribution is colossal. Everybody knows that it is a brilliant drummer and it is not this performance which is going to compromise it. Aggressive and groovy at the same time, it develops its play with serenity. The drums intro on "The Chosen Legacy" is monstrous and delighted the aficionados of the kind. Always in comparison with DCA, we note a much better exploitation of the clear singing of Vortex. More discreet but also of better quality, its interventions agree perfectly with the singing of Shagrath.
To make simple we are going to say that he's more inside. Just to finish, we can say that we find a symphonic / medieval interlude in the middle of the disk which is beautiful.

Here is without saying that the disk competes with the first productions of the group, we are possible all the same that Dimmu Borgir got back to its stripes of group of true group of black symphonic. Rest which the album can postulate all the same to the rank of the third better album in the discography of the group.

Translated by trashykiss

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InfinityZero - 06 Март 2010: I agree, everything is overdone and overproduced in this album. It's junk.
Lsuforever - 06 Ноябрь 2010: Album sucked miserably.
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Комментарий @ Vinrock666

12 Июль 2008
Dimmu Borgir's 2007 release, "In Sorte Diaboli", spawns the aural presence of the Prince Of Darkness himself with it's Medieval themes (chant-like choirs) and a pounding rhythm section that just wont quit. The legendary drummer, Hellhammer, puts out an all-star performance here with plenty of stop and go blast beats and a relentless double bass cadence throughout the recording. His level of aggressiveness actually puts his tracking on the foreground of the rhythm parts, which by the way are superbly supported by Silenoz' guitar work. Mustis' synthesizer work is also a devilish delight by not only deriving sounds and styles from the Medieval period but also driving them to that same foreground level shared by Hellhammer.

The overall sound of "In Sorte Diaboli" is thus derived from most of their imput. A great example of that Medieval sound is the Gregorian chant style featured in the song "The Fundamental Alienation". It should also be said that unlike their recent works, which featured an actual orchestra, "Diaboli" returned exclusively to the keys for its symphonic flavor.
Out of that experience, Mustis should be commended for his work in creating a much more fuller and harmonic approach to his synth lines. "The Serpentine Offering", one of the best songs on "Diaboli", showcases this progression very well. Of course, the vocal work by both singers is nothing short of excellent. Shagrath not only has one of the best mid-range throats out there, but the recording done on his voice gives credence to his bragging right by staying straightforward and honest. Vortex, the clean voice, is more embellished, but that's totally due to the musical direction (not because of any weakness).

Well concieved and delivered, "In Sorte Diaboli" is not only a great album, it's another testament for those who feel that Dimmu Borgir is one of the greatest Black Metal bands ever.

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Crinn - 06 Май 2012: pfft! xP "one of the greatest black metal bands ever", HA! xD far from it, my friend.
Vinrock666 - 16 Январь 2017: I think if I had defined the band as symphonic black metal I would have garnered a less contentious response. Moving forward...

I made that statement based on the one fact that Dimmu Borgir is one of the best selling black metal bands out there. Whether that counts for something is always subject to debate. Still, even in the music business, Art is after all subjective. I will concede this point: in retrospect, your comment proves that even with the qualifier "for those who feel that" I probably shouldn't have made the claim out of respect for everyone's opinions in the first place. Those who dissent shouldn't be made to feel that they're wrong.
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