Lust Stained Despair

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Band Name Poisonblack
Album Name Lust Stained Despair
Type Album
Дата релиза 28 Август 2006
Лейблы Century Media
Produced by Tue Madsen
Музыкальный стильGothic Metal
Владельцы этого альбома101


1. Nothing Else Remains 03:55
2. Hollow Be My Name 04:43
3. The Darkest Lie 04:35
4. Rush 04:06
5. Nail 04:47
6. Raivotar 04:55
7. Soul in Flames 04:23
8. Pain Becomes Me 04:07
9. Never Enough 04:15
10. Love Controlled Despair 03:51
11. The Living Dead 04:35
Total playing time 48:17

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Обзор @ Panzerjager

16 Июль 2011

harder pick-up from where Escapexstacy ended

Poisonblack is a band that is quite famous in the Gothic and Metal scene. They successfully combine Metal with the typical atmosphere of Gothic music. They are often regarded as the indirect continue of Sentenced. Yes, perhaps because the style of the two is quite similar but Poisonblack is more orientated towards groove than Sentenced. Poisonblack is not as dark and depressive as Sentenced too.

Lust Stained Despair (LSD, coincidence perhaps?) is the second full album of this band. It features some clear changes in style compared their first album Escapexstacy.

First change is the new singer and guitarist in this band: Ville Laihiala. You’ve read it correct; the vocalist of Sentenced has joined this band and will continue with this band until present. JH Leppaluoto has put priorities in Charon, not in Poisonblack. Ville’s voice is like a lighthouse in the dark, easy recognised and powerful. You can hear some Sentenced in his style in this band, but don’t expect a Cold White Light pt II. Laihala still lends perfectly his warm, dark voice for dark, romantic, mysterious lyrics of this album. But Ville often shows that he still has the aggression and frustration he put in Sentenced is still present in his vocals.

Second change is a more bombastic guitar work. LSD is more overwhelming than Escapextacy. The latter was more subtle, almost a declaration of love to somebody filled with metaphors and lust. LSD can be seen as the negative result: anger, unsatisfied lust, sadness, jealousy, despair… This translates itself in heavier guitars and daring keyboard lines and thus more bombast. The emotions mentioned above are well preserved under all this bombastic excesses.

Just like Escapextacy, has LSD more up tempo songs (Rush) and somewhat slower tracks (Nail). A nice variation that keeps this album interesting. Even after several listens this album doesn’t bore (but I’m a Gothic fan boy). The album keeps up its speed and doesn’t slo down speed because the band has lost inspiration or can’t keep the tempo up. I haven’t found fillers yet but the riff in Rush is somewhat unorthodox compared towards the other riffs.

What is not good on this album? Not much, perhaps the fact that this is almost the harder Escapextacy pt II ? Since the style difference isn’t that big even with the new vocalist/ guitarist. Some listeners may be annoyed by some keyboard lines in songs such as Nail and Raviator.

I advise this album for anybody new to Gothic Metal and is used to heavier metal genres. However if you are completely new to Metal and aren’t into harder genres, start with Escapextacy since it is a lighter safer start. But the die-hard fans of Gothic and Sentenced will find good music in this album, since it has all characteristics of good Gothic album and Laihala has pressed his mark very clear on this. The biggest problem is the fact that this record is becoming quite rare to find

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