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Band Name Poisonblack
Album Name Escapexstacy
Type Album
Дата релиза 17 Февраль 2003
Лейблы Century Media
Музыкальный стильGothic Metal
Владельцы этого альбома82


1. The Glow of the Flames 02:51
2. Love Infernal 03:57
3. The State 04:56
4. All Else Is Hollow 04:01
5. In Lust 05:30
6. The Exciter 04:28
7. Lay Your Heart to Rest 04:23
8. With Her I Die 05:20
9. Illusion / Delusion 04:24
10. The Kiss of Death 04:33
Total playing time 44:23

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Обзор @ Panzerjager

11 Сентябрь 2010
Many fans mourn the disbandment of the famous Gothic metal band Sentenced in 2005. Though from the same Finnish town Oulu comes a band that seems to fill the void quite well. This band is called Poisonblack. They released their first album called Escapextacy in 2003. This album was a shot in the bulls-eye and gained quite some popularity.

It has something hypnotizing: the mysterious, dark voice of JP Leppäluoto (known from the band Charon), the powerful guitar riffs and the strong keyboard lines that add the cherry to the cake. The album opens with "The Glow of Flames" and after a few seconds you're pulled into the atmosphere that Poisonblack creates. The songs don't seem to bore but ask for a second listen and even more times after that.

The second song "Love Infernal" on the album has launched itself as one of the most known songs of this band. You hear elements that you have heard in the first song and you will hear in the next songs but... it's so different every time.

Though Escapextacy isn't a concept album, you will notice that the songs have a link with each other and the title of the album. All songs on this album talk about love, possible or impossible, lust, sex and some despair. The vocals and the music reflect these themes very well. You feel the despair on the one side and the desire for love on the other side. This gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it.

There's no great difference in speed or 'heavieness' in this album since most songs start with some nice keyboards and proceed with the powerful guitars and drums. In "With her I Die", the keyboards play a very prominent role and make it a beautiful ensemble. Good solo's aren't absent in Escapextacy and add a bonus to it. Though don't expect solo's in the style of Children of Bodom. They are kept simple and enjoyable here.

I can conclude with this. This album offers a great atmosphere and deep, meaningful lyrics. Musical is Poisonblack filled with talent. Leppäluoto has a great voice ,Sneck writes poetry on his keyboard, Kanerva lays down some good dumming while the guitarist add power. This combination can't be wrong and that's why I give this album a deserved 9/10.

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