The Last Sucker

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Band Name Ministry
Album Name The Last Sucker
Type Album
Data de lançamento 17 Setembro 2007
Estilo de MúsicaIndustrial Metal
Membros têm este álbum138


1. Let's Go
2. Watch Yourself
3. Life Is Good
4. The Dick Song
5. The Last Sucker
6. No Glory
7. Death and Destruction
8. Roadhouse Blues (ft. Casey Chaos/Amen)
9. Die in a Crash (ft. Burton C. Bell/Fear Factory)
10. End of Days Part One (ft. Burton C. Bell/Fear Factory)
11. End of Days Part Two (ft. Burton C. Bell/Fear Factory)

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Crítica @ Julien

19 Maio 2010
Following the Sentenced "Funeral album", here is another "last will" album, from Ministry. This shows us well that everything in this world is ruled by a kind of balance. George W. Bush is leaving,so is Ministry, a good piece of news brings some bad news with itself.
Of course, the world may get better with this , and Al and his band are leaving an amazing career behing them ,which lead them on the top of metal music and international fame.

They are also leaving a huge crowd of fans, devastated and filled with bitterness to pay this expensive Bush's departure.
Let's overcome our sadness and focus on this new record...

The first track shows us well that the band is here to make some noise one last time. From the well-named "Let's go", we deeply are in Ministry's unique universe. With this track, the band gives us an astonishing riff, still ringing in my head. But this testament record would not be one if the band didn't give us some tracks with the "old scholl Ministry tune". If you do not see whay I mean, I'll explain myself: the tracks following are truly a return to the early nineties period of the band. More industrial and with a more moderated tempo, these songs are just like a punch in the face.
The choruses are very efficient and show us well how Ministry was hidding its power. Why stopping when the band was so good???

The eponymous track is the kind of song one can hardly forget...
Fan or not, "The Last Sucker" (the track), because of its intense structure, commands respect. The band may get some new fans with this record. Two guests are completing the album brilliantly: Casey Chaos from Amen and Burton C. Bell from Fear Factory. The collaboration between Fear Factory's frontman and our good old Al is to be revered! The emotion is palpable with every instant and the "farewell tour" must not be missed.

I would say that a band that has been iconic for twenty years can't leave stage! For this last record, the band provides us a colossal, well known and powerful tone. Nothing really original, but this works,dammit !! It's a shame to think that we will never get another record like this.

Thanks Ministry for all this years of musical pleasure, and everybody hopes (I'm quite sure for my part) that your message and music will be well listened to after your departure.
Thanks again, and see you soon for a final show.

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