XV Years of Pagan Chants

lista zespołów Pagan Black Azagatel XV Years of Pagan Chants
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Band Name Azagatel
Album Name XV Years of Pagan Chants
Type Compilation
Data wpisu 05 Luty 2011
Styl muzycznyPagan Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


1. The Middle Earth
2. For a Piece of Heaven
3. Christian Scum
4. Burning Water
5. Isengard Son
6. Grow With the Flow
7. Pan Red Source
8. The Ancient Arrival
9. In the Limbo
10. Morning Star
11. Olokun I
12. Olokun II
13. Blood Is Thicker Than Water (Impaled Nazarene cover)
14. Gods of Thunder of Wind and of Rain (Bathory Cover)
15. The Return of the Darkness and Evil (Bathory Cover)