The Worlds First Iron Man

lista zespołów Heavy Metal Paul Di'Anno The Worlds First Iron Man
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Band Name Paul Di'Anno
Album Name The Worlds First Iron Man
Type Album
Data wpisu Kwiecień 1997
Wydawcy Semaphore
Styl muzycznyHeavy Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album11


1. Living in America
2. Play That Funky Music
3. Forever
4. What Am I Gonna Do
5. I Ain't Coming Back No More
6. I'm All Shook Up
7. Caught Your Lie
8. Had Enough
9. Take These Chains from Me
10. Show Some Emotion
11. Remember Tomorrow (Live)
12. Wrathchild (Live)
13. Children of the Revolution (Live)
14. Phantom of the Opera (Live)
15. Sanctuary (Live)