The Age of Hell

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Band Name Chimaira
Album Name The Age of Hell
Type Album
Data wpisu 16 Sierpień 2011
Styl muzycznyMetalcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album128


1. The Age of Hell
2. Clockwork
3. Losing My Mind
4. Time Is Running Out
5. Year of the Snake
6. Beyond the Grave
7. Born in Blood (ft. Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel)
8. Stoma
9. Powerless
10. Trigger Finger
11. Scapegoat
12. Samsara (ft. Emil Werstler of Daath)
Bonustracks (Itunes Edition)
13. Scum of the Earth
14. Your Days Are Numbered
15. Wild Thing