Shaped by Fire

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Nom du groupe As I Lay Dying (USA)
Nom de l'album Shaped by Fire
Type Album
Date de parution 20 Septembre 2019
Labels Nuclear Blast
Style MusicalMetalcore
Membres possèdant cet album72


 Burn to Emerge
 Shaped by Fire
 Torn Between
 The Wreckage
 My Own Grave
 Take Whats Left
 Redefined (ft. Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red)
 Only After We've Fallen
 The Toll It Takes

Durée totale : 44:05

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Chronique @ desolate23

10 Décembre 2019

Metalcore Legends Making a Heavy Comeback

Metalcore legends As I Lay Dying are back with a long-anticipated album. This band hasn’t released material in seven years due to Tim Lambesis’ absence. The band has a particularly decorated discography with almost none of their records being anything but above average. Yes, there was Decas which were metalcore covers of famous heavy and thrash metal songs. However, they managed to recapture their fans with their previous record, Awakened. Shaped by Fire is the name of this album so let’s get into it.

There isn’t much to be said about this record other than they’re back and better than ever. It perfectly displays Tim’s regret for his previous transgressions. The guitar work kick harder than ever, the songwriting is what you would typically expect from As I Lay Dying. A very Shadows Are Security feeling. Jam packed guitar solos in Redefined, Gatekeeper, and Undertow. Shaped by Fire, My Own Grave, and Redefined are as good as I remembered them when they debuted several months ago. The drumming is heavy, Josh’s vocals are above and away some of my favorite parts, like on The Wreckage, Shaped by Fire, and Blinded. Only After We’ve Fallen shreds hard. The album takes a downturn a bit from the hard aggression in some songs, like the Wreckage but still kick serious ass.

The album isn’t all great, while I did find myself enjoying the record for the most part, each song feels somewhat the same, but if As I Lay Dying were to release a song that was 40 minutes in length, I doubt people would care that much, including myself. I was having a lot of fun with this record and that just shows how talented these guys are, even with the transgressions Tim has brought upon the band. I’m giving this album a 19/20.

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Goneo - 04 Janvier 2020:

Great come back !

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