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Nom du groupe Skylark (ITA)
Nom de l'album Quánbù
Type Compilation
Date de parution 27 Octobre 2010
Labels Rubicon
Style MusicalPower Symphonique
Membres possèdant cet album2


1. Symbol of Freedom
2. The Final Answer
3. The Triumph
4. Song for a Day
5. Summer of 2001
6. Lady of the Sky
7. Escape from the Dark
8. Sun (Keeper of Dreams)
1. Welcome
2. The Princess' Day
3. A Rose in her Hand / Rainbow in the Dark
4. A Tale That Wasn't Right
5. The Triumph
6. Dying Inside
7. Creature of the Devil
8. Twilight
9. Fear of the Moon / Belzebu

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