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Band Name Dark Tranquillity
Album Name Fiction
Type Album
Data de aparición 23 Abril 2007
Labels Century Media
Estilo MusicalMelodic Death
Miembros poseen este álbum566


 Re-Issue in under the name

Total playing time: 00:00

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Dark Tranquillity

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Crónica @ Julien

13 Abril 2007
To be honest I did not know too much what expect from this new opus of Dark Tranquillity. Because it is necessary to recognize that with Character, the group had placed the extremely high bar.
I thought of it inaccessible and I made a mistake. Instead of making us one pseudo Character or a I do not know what, the group knew how to draw to lay us it Fiction, everything checks quoted which made the strength and the glory known groups and has to add an emotion there rarely so powerful.
Following the example of a group as Iron Maiden, Dark Tranquillity knew how to concoct us a disk which does not allow the ambiguity on its membership and nevertheless we still arrive has be surprised.
When Character had to bet on a highly-rated really more heavy, Fiction skips rather of highly-rated the darkest of the group. While remaining very melodic, it shows itself in the course of the listening more and more taking, more and more black
It is not the disk which appreciates in a listening but it is probably one of the best that the group is never made. Then the ingredients be afraid of nothing everything which made the success of Dark Tranquillity are there but it is not as far as we are not allowed invade by a sweet melancholy.
The riffs of guitar is typical but we can be surprised in the bend of a melody, to find different arrangements. For my part I felt this melancholy when the piano resounds through a compos
It may have of the oat behind plan there, the ear remains captive the notes of the piano. Without ever going away really from this rather black spirit, the group also proposes titles the more catchy, the more heavy.
Rest that even through these titles, we feel this new maturity which will allow the group to continue during years. In their discharge, they are not numerous any more the groups which lavish this kind of melodic Death, has to believe that the fashion is spent, finally check ….… .On find within some compos of the soloes of guitars rather integrated well and which come for the greater part supported by the titles already enormous. As what moderation allows the excellent!!!!!

The singing of Michael is so magic always and this time nothing changed, even if it takes itself has to make us small singing exercises enough "Goth" on Misery Crown. What does not change either it is the prod ' impeccable but it is a surprise for nobody. The sound is always so personal and however that is the played note, that sounds Dark Tranquillity.
In brief as in one hundred, this disk is called to become an inescapable of the group, I would even want to say an inescapable of the kind simply. Completed completely it will treat fan of the kind, stay more than to wait for it friendly and to wait come from the group in our beautiful part of the country.

Translated by Trashykiss .

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Coerced_Coexistence - 21 Mayo 2007: nice ;)
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