Under Satanae

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Band Name Moonspell
Album Name Under Satanae
Type Compilation
Released date 12 October 2007
Labels Steamhammer
Produced by Tue Madsen
Recorded at Antfarm Studio
Music StyleGothic Dark
Members owning this album145


1. Halla Alle Halla al Rabka Halla (Praeludium/Incantatum Solistitium) 02:19
2. Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento I/Erudit Compendyum) 06:23
3. Interludium/Incantatum Oequinoctum 01:33
4. Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II/Erotic Compendyum) 06:16
5. Opus Diabolicum (Andamento III/Instrumental Compendyum) 05:09
6. Chorai Lusitânia! (Epilogus/Incantatam Maresia) 01:50
7. Goat on Fire 06:35
8. Ancient Winter Goddess 06:09
9. Wolves from the Fog 07:03
10. Serpent Angel 07:14
Total playing time 50:31

Review @ SpelledMoon

07 July 2009
After the preproduction in the Inferno studio with assistence of Waldemar Sorychta, in the first week of July 2007, Moonspell sallied forth Danish kingdom, with the objectiv to enter the gates of Antfarm studios and in cooperation with Tue Madsen, they have re-recorded under one name "Under Satanæ" the two demos ("Serpent Angel", "Anno Satanæ") and album ("Under the Moonspell"), which have arised in the inception of '90 years. The intendment was to record old songs in better quality, for the ideas in them were good. Because the circumstances, in which the chanteys were recorded, didn't faciliate to acquire the more quality production, and people, who knew the primal recordings, could think that those songs deserve better production.
And that's what really happened. After more than ten years, the album was released with better recording conditions, and with members of the band salt old with longstanding experiences. As it saw the light on the Earth, the result showed, that the composing talent is something, what Moonspell was never missing.
Surprisingly, in October of 2009, with this notably dark and maybe the most brutal album, they have succeeded to get into the official portuguese charts, in which they taken 12th place, in the competition with interprets of various musical genres.

Halla Alle Halla Al Rabka Halla“, which says Allah Akbar La Allah Ella Allah in backwards order, the islamic exclamation Takbir is the right start for the diabolical album, as "Under Satanæ" is. It is very ethnical Intro, which is centralized for the invocation of the most authentic feelings and images reminding of Islam, and that mostly from ritual perspective. It is combined from various little melodies and sounds, behind which are hidden the persistently sonant deep modes, and this whole creates a background for the man calling his prayers toward god. „Allah is the greatest, there's no god but Allah...“.

Consecutive is the continuous thruput into the piece „Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento I / Erudit Compendium)“, in which the drum instruments have a significant space, while guitars and bass guitars sound very mightily and supply listener with great charge of energy. Keyboards, contrariwise, are seemingly disappearing, however they are molding a mystical atmosphere. After fourth minute, beyond the soft female soprano, their solo in oriental style is appearing, followed by guitar sliding in similar melody, with the repeated overpass into more striking and monumental guitar lines. Fernando's vocals remind of imposing and theatral recital, combined with black metal growling. The celebration of wisdom appears as the main motive: Lucipheris the bringer of light, Faust desiring for the knowledge, Delfos designating the flow of history in Greek countries, considered as the place of wisdom, and disesteem for crying ignorants, which steal the pride of the meaning of word „sapient“.

„Interludium / Incantatum“ is epitomizing the momentary expressive subtilization, when two melodic guitar lines in sliding style are showing themselves, crossing the one through the another and caressing ears... Until it is not changed for faster composition  „Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II / Erotic Compendium)“.  Drums and quick riffing create the passage for early falling in of Fernando: „Oh! Insinuant tongue of Lilith Oh! Virtuous Latin Langsuyar“. The bass guitar lines by Don Aires Pereira III are very massive, adding the right amount into the desired darkness. The song is in middle tempo, in refrain increasing the velocity with strong female soprano as a spinet for it. Also, again we can grace the breeze of oriental melodies flowing behind the spoken word of Fernando and soft whisper of female vocalist, and the violin accessions are predicting the sequence of clean vocals and gradual instruments. In the end of compound we live to see a beautiful interplay of drums and guitars, again in ethnic style. Lyrics remind of desire for searching and discovering of all earthily, and of knowing the self through the most basic human instincts. „Behind the flowers which adorn their head I lust with thee. Everlasting seekers of Animality“.

„Opus Diabolicum (Andamento III / Instrumental Compendium)“ is commenced by combination of more violins, reminding the harmonizing of the orchestra and fluently slips into expressive guitar melody guided with reptilian tunes of keyboards. It is a composition, which you'd imagine as a hellish background-music accompanying you while entering the flaming doors of the perdition. Vocalist recites his lyrics in native portuguese language, and all that with his deeply coloured voice, presenting us also with few sighs. Yet there is still the beauteous solo by Ricardo Amorim waiting for us, by which the shivers down the spin are being brought to the listeners. Tapping, something, what Ricardo is not afraid to use, brought to the album much benefit and everytime, his solo is absolutely fascinating. For the lyrics, also the words of Marquis de Sade rang out through the song, of man who is known as hedonist with his, in general understanding, unconventional sexual cravings.

When it starts seeming to you, that you hear the lisp of the sea, it is the opening for the compound „Chorai Lusitania“, which relocates us directly on the shores of portuguese waters. Gentle guitar melody is nonviolently accompanying their sounds, like if it was their part, and with that it makes a thought line behind the „Under the Moonspell“ part of album.

The unofficially next part of album is iniciated with song „Goat on Fire“ from the demo "Anno Satanæ". In it's beginning, my imagination kidnaps me into warm lands, into the front of fane circumscribed by dust and sand; the place where sits the old, wrinkly man, burned by Sun many-many times,... and with the melodica, he plays oriental songs. After while it gets interrupted by slow-pacing tunes of guitar and the canto, and other instruments won't stay ashamed and join them, while the middle-tempo composition is being presented to us. The atmosphere changes after fourth minute, when the drums draw quicker melody for the others. The keyboards with the epic effect of choirs in the ending lead us into one of the most self-diverse and the most heavy song of the album.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you the lady named „Ancient Winter Goddess“. The Queen, which begins to oppress us from the beginning, by the snow storm, or the drum solo of Mike Gaspar. In the moment, when you hear „So I invocate“ above the mystical line of piano, the forefeel of gradation is present, but what will come, you wouldn't dream about, when the first time. The song gets faster, the guitars get a place and their solo makes sound every little „string“ in your body. But the expected is still just to come. It whole calms down into the marching and very catchy rhythm, and Fernando with the half-growling says: „Oh! Thunders of light and pyres of flames - Fire is my domain - Oh! Freezing breezes, rain and snow - Winter is my domain - Oh! White Whale, Leviathan -Water is my domain- Oh! Most beautiful mountains and forests - The Earth and Air are my domain-“, all is getting into black metal cadence followed by ominous laughter of the goddess of winter, and after that there is a place, where the most amazing guitar solo is being born. Once again, shivers go down the spine, and it couldn't be different when you hear the amazing and outstanding tapping solo, which lead your thoughts near to the beautiful and dark place from the most scary and most cold horror. The lyrics in song are perfect description of the power of nature, and the nothingness of human existence in nature's history.

„Wolves from the fog“ and howling of them, the sample which is so well known for Moonspell, and even though each time it is like if it was somehow new, creating the atmosphere of wilderness and cruelty. This piece starts slowly and the forest whispers while the wolf is rising with it and the music gets more fiery – those are brother wolves attacking under the full moon sign. This compound is most of the time of it's duration the wildest one, having significance on the keyboards, which slowly disappear by time, but being it only for their triumphal return. In next song, the howling changes to the hiss of „Serpent Angel“ from the same named demo. The angel crawling toward the listener, and the Year of Satan is left behind. The tempos, which are contained in this composition, are very diverse; the slowest ones with the whisper are literally a relax for the mind. Addition of ethereal and monumental keyboard melodies, turning into piano in the end, are excellent and calm finish for this energetic album.

My conclusion is that this album might be very enjoyable for lovers of the mystique in music, and lovers of black metal when considering the genre, though when adding to it the outstanding talent and creativity of musicians in this piece, the rest of metalheads might enjoy it, too. Very recommended.

Line Up:

Fernando Ribeiro - vocals, lyrics
Ricardo Amorim - guitar
Don Aires Pereira III - bass guitar
Mike Gaspar - drums
Pedro Paixão - keyboards

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"Opus Diabolicum" Live at Coliseu Lisboa, 31st of October 2007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlvSNKeP4Vk

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