Night Eternal

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Band Name Moonspell
Album Name Night Eternal
Type Album
Released date 19 May 2008
Labels Steamhammer
Produced by Tue Madsen
Recorded at Antfarm Studio
Music StyleGothic Dark
Members owning this album329


1. At Tragic Heights
2. Night Eternal
3. Shadow Sun
4. Scorpion Flower (ft. Anneke Van Giersbergen)
5. Moon in Mercury
6. Hers Is the Twilight
7. Dreamless (Lucifer and Lilith)
8. Spring of Rage
9. First Light
Bonustrack (Limited Edition)
10. Age of Mothers
11. Scorpion Flower (Dark Lush Cut)
12. Scorpion Flower (the Feeble Cut)
DVD (Limited Edition)
1. Finisterra (Live Wacken 2007)
2. Memento Mori (Live Wacken 2007)
3. Blood Tells (Live Wacken 2007)
4. Finisterra
5. Finisterra Making of
6. Luna

Comment @ great_kthulu

14 March 2009
There are some bands that have given some truly amazing matierial and have given some total BS. Moonspell is one of these bands. This however is one of, if not their best, offerings. When you first put this album in you are greeted by some dark atmospherics with a sinister quote from the bible. Just when you think that "At Tragic Heights" is just an intro you here a menacing chant of, "It... IS DONE!" and it takes off at full force, exploding into an in your face rampage of guitars drums and keys. Not to mention Fernando Ribeiro's fantastic vocals.
One of the things that really take this album to its great (and tragic, pun inteded,) heights is that there is no filler on this album, every song is great. From the brutal title track to the soft, cold dreamless, every song is great.
So far I have said a lot about the album, but not so much about the music. This album as a whole is a marriage of beauty and brutality. Driving rhythms mix with melodic leads and keyboards to create a masterpiece ranging from black to gothic to death. All the members of the band perform their parts well, very well.
I highly recommend this for fans of melodic death metal, symphonic black metal, gothic metal or death/doom metal. You will not be disapointed.

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