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Band Name Moonspell
Album Name Memorial
Type Album
Released date 25 April 2006
Labels Steamhammer
Music StyleGothic Dark
Members owning this album323


1. In Memoriam
2. Finisterra
3. Memento Mori
4. Sons of Earth
5. Blood Tells
6. Upon the Blood of Men
7. At the Image of Pain
8. Sanguine
9. Proliferation
10. Once It Was Ours!
11. Mare Nostrum
12. Luna
13. Best Forgotten
14. Atlantic

Comment @ metal_flank

13 August 2007
First I want to say that I've been a Moonspell fan since Wolfheart. I've stuck with them through thick and thin.

When I heard this album was going to be produced by Waldemar Sorychta, the same guy that did Lacuna Coil I immediatly thought "Well, there goes a great band." I fear I may have been right. Don't get me wrong, this album isn't of poor quality. As expected with who made this album, the production is top notch and everything's perfect..... too perfect.

This album doesn't have the heart that their previous material had. Like most all other major releases of today It's cold and lifeless. There's no fealing, just a droning on and on with the same musical idea. The whole album is just one long song. I actually had trouble knowing when a song changed. It lacks diversity and just doesn't come off a Moonspell. It's more like some machine made this based off the most popular song from their last album. And this is something that goes against what Moonspell has always done. Up till now, each and every album they put out sounds completely different from the others.

I predict that their next album will be hyped as being different (i.e. more heavy, darker) but will most likely be a total carbon copy of this one too. If I see the next one is being produced by Sorychta, I will not buy it right away. I'll find someone who did buy it and listen to it. If my prediction is currect, I will not buy it. A fan's loyalty can only be abused so long.


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Without_God - 22 September 2007: I just think that you don't have a clue about all this album, try to listen the album once, don't judge with words done by others. For instance, you only recall Waldemar Sorychta because he was lacuna Coil's producer, but it seams that you've done wrong your lesson, because Waldemar Sorychta was the Wolfheart's producer, and Lacuna Coil don't even existed at that time. All one big some????? again, try to hear the album! you say "...If I see the next one is being produced by Sorychta....", you try to guess, but you fail, the next cd is already recorded, and the producer was Tue Madsen. Well just stick to you antiques.....
metal_flank - 25 September 2007: I listened to this album 10 times over 2 days so I know what I'm talking about and stand by my words.
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