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Band Name 1349
Album Name Demonoir
Type Album
Released date 26 April 2010
Music StyleBlack Metal
Members owning this album196


1. Tunnel of Set - I 01:32
2. Atomic Chapel 06:24
3. Tunnel II 01:01
4. When I Was Flesh 05:45
5. Tunnel III 00:39
6. Psalm 7.77 05:42
7. Tunnel IV 01:02
8. Pandemonium War Bells 07:48
9. Tunnel V 01:15
10. The Devil of the Deserts 06:30
11. Tunnel VI 01:04
12. Demonoir 06:19
13. Tunnel VII 03:53
Bonustracks (Digipack Edition)
14. Rapture (Morbid Angel Cover) 04:03
15. Strike of the Beast (Exodus Cover) 03:43
16. Nerves (Bauhaus Cover) 05:20
Total playing time 46:54

Review @ Demogorefest

18 June 2010
As far as Norwegian black metal bands are concerned, 1349 has probably been the most active in recent years, they have released 6 full length albums in the last 7 years, Demonoir being their most recent album. And if you had the misfortune of listening to the Ambient catastrophe that was their last release, Revelations of the Black Flame, you may be somewhat hesitant to delve into their newest album. However, after listening to most of the new album, I'm convinced that the band has took a step back towards their raw, black metal sound that had made them so popular among black metal fans, myself included.

The album starts off with a bland, ambient intro track, the exact same crap that was on the entire Revelations of the Black Flame album. But it gets better, after a short and boring intro, the album kicks into the first real song on the album, Atomic Chapel, which features some great guitar work and even a solo or two can be heard, which is rare for a band that started out as raw and primitive as they did. The drumming is as fast and furious as one would expect from a band that has the likes of the legendary Frost*** on drums. after their excellent first real song, the album kicks back into another boring, almost Drone-ish sound track, the "Tunnel of set" tracks end up plaguing every other real song on this album, and are sort of a nuisance amongst this otherwise great album.

The vocals on Demonoir are for the most part, just the way the were on 1349's early works such as Liberation and Hellfire. However, there are some instances where they change to almost an eerie spoken word type, which is reminiscent of Mayhem's more recent releases(Ordo ad Chao), which personally, i thought were god awful, and not in the good way either. And as with any good black metal album, there's hardly any Bass line in any of these tracks, and if there is, it's well hidden amongst the constant clanging and clashing of Frost***'s inhuman drum set.
Although Demonoir may not be at the same musical level that Liberation was, it's still hundreds of times better than Revelations of the Black Flame, and is a step back towards their glory days. This album isn't entirely perfect, but minus the annoying ambient/drone tracks it's a very good album.


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Demogorefest - 19 June 2010: i dunno if it'd be a complete waste, it might be worth downloading first, and see if you like it or not, if you skip past the boring ambient tunnel of set intros, it's pretty good
Crinn - 22 April 2012: This is an amazing album in my opinion
Demogorefest - 22 April 2012: Don't get me wrong, the actual music on this album is excellent, but I could really do without those "tunnel of set" tracks. In hindsight, 11/20 may have been a bit harsh, I was still reeling with anger over that revelations of the black flame album at that time.
HeadCrush - 24 April 2012: After all, a good album is one of those while listening months or years after is issue, we realize that for a reason or another, we didn't correctly evaluate its content.
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