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Band Name 1349
Album Name 1349
Type EP
Released date 15 February 2001
Music StyleBlack Metal
Members owning this album118


 End of All
 Antichrist Warzone
 Chaos Within
 The Usurper (Celtic Frost Cover)

Total playing time: 17:48

Comment @ Nebelthron

13 May 2007
It’s 1349 first EP. “1349” is about 18 minutes of Black Metal. It’s good mix with Blast Beats and Normal Tempo. The first song is “End Of All” starts with a bell from a church not bad. The second Track is “Antichrist Warzone” the best Song from the EP and at the End with raw vocals. The third song “Chaos Within” is starting with Blast beats and a good melody. The Last Song is a Celtic Frost – Cover and is called “The Usurper” Nice Cover! But I don’t know what really happened at 1.53 minutes sounds definitely not like 1349, if you listening to the other Albums but this is EP is still good.

1. End Of All 8/10 Points
2. Antichrist Warzone 9/10 Points
3. Chaos Within 8/10 Points
4. The Usurper [Celtic Frost Cover] 9/10 Points

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