The Way of the Fist

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Band Name Five Finger Death Punch
Album Name The Way of the Fist
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 31 Juli 2007
Produced by
Musik GenreMetalcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen198


Re-Issue in 2008 by Firm Music, with 3 new bonustracks
1. Ashes 03:46
2. The Way of the Fist 03:59
3. Salvation 03:20
4. The Bleeding 04:29
5. A Place to Die 03:42
6. The Devil's Own 04:14
7. White Knuckles 04:10
8. Can't Heal You 03:02
9. Death Before Dishonor 03:56
10. Meet the Monster 04:24
11. Hate Me
12. Never Enough 03:31
13. Stranger Than Fiction 03:20
14. The Bleeding (Acoustic) 03:36
Bonustracks (UK release)
15. From Out of Nowhere (Faith No More cover) 03:23
16. The Devil's Own (Live) 04:56
1. A New Level (Pantera cover) 04:00
2. From Out of Nowhere (Faith No More cover) 03:24
3. Succubus (Demo) 03:09
4. Salvation (Live) 03:45
5. The Way of the Fist (Live) 04:31
6. White Knuckles (Live) 06:16
7. Salvation (Instrumental) 03:22
8. The Bleeding (Instrumental) 04:29
9. The Way of the Fist (Instrumental) 04:02
10. The Devil's Own (Instrumental) 04:15
11. Never Enough (Instrumental) 03:30
Total playing time 39:02

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Review @ GRRINDhouse

22 Dezember 2013

A heavy, hard-hitting first release!

Right off the bat Five Finger Death Punch start's their first album with "Ashes" a relatively heavy song with a good beat, it's melodic enough for most metalcore fans, but it's not necessarily scream-o either. They make the album even better with the next track which is the title song "The Way of the Fist" perfect lyrics and a killing beat come into play here the lyrics include "Step to me, step to me motherfucker, zip your lip you've run out of time!" that will stick in your head for a while. Thankfully the album doesn't let up it maintains a perfect balance especially in the end with "Stranger Enough" which really describes what it's like to be pushed aside and the anger you feel at that moment.

Every song fits in well (for the most part) with the album, that is except for one. Track number 12 "Stranger Than Fiction" seems a little out of place. It's not a bad song, but it just seems like Five Finger Death Punch kind of half-assed this song. I'm not sure why I feel that, perhaps it's just because that song just isn't qw heavy like all the others were, and I don't think the lyrics line-up right either. The rest of the album is all about, anger, cruelty, and the struggle to search for something more. This song however is focusing on the anger, and the struggle from a different perspective.

Regardless of minor flaws like that "The Way of the Fist" is still a great album, if you've heard of Five Finger Death Punch and are thinking of listing to them be sure to listen to this first album, it has plenty of replay value. I recommend you get it, if you haven't already.

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