Got Your Six

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Band Name Five Finger Death Punch
Album Name Got Your Six
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 04 September 2015
Produced by Kevin Churko
Musik GenreMetalcore
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen114


1. Got Your Six 02:58
2. Jekyll and Hyde 03:26
3. Wash It All Away 03:45
4. This Ain't My Last Dance 03:29
5. My Nemesis 03:35
6. No Sudden Movement 03:21
7. Question Everything 05:05
8. Hell to Pay 03:07
9. Digging My Own Grave 03:47
10. Meet My Maker 03:00
11. Boots and Blood 02:45
12. You're Not My Kind 03:21
13. This Is My War 02:55
14. I Apologize 04:03
Total playing time 48:42

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Five Finger Death Punch

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Review @ GRRINDhouse

14 Februar 2016

The 6th 5FDP record, did they go full circle?

2015 was an interesting year especially for Five Finger Death Punch, the band went through a lot of shit last year. In may Five Finger Death Punch seemed to have some internal tension building which was released on stage in Memphis, Tennessee, it was mostly a dispute between the drummer Jeremy Spencer, and the vocalist Ivan Moody. This breakdown happened on stage in which the whole band left during a live show leaving Ivan to continue the concert on his own, it actually sparked rumors that Five Finger Death Punch broke-up but, that never actually happened. A few months later TMZ released a Fake article claiming that Ivan Moody was charged with domestic abuse allegations having abused his girlfriend, these accusations were dismissed as false, of course because... TMZ. Finally we have the release of this album, Five Finger Death Punch- Got Your Six. Which is not only an awesome title but also properly titled, as it is the sixth studio album from this band. I find it hard to believe that War Is the Answer (their best album in my opinion) was released six years ago, I can still vividly remember buying it for the first time… damn time moves too fast. Anyway prior to Got Your Six’s release the band announced that they would go Full Circle with their sound on this album. So that got me and a lot of fans very excited, this is supposed to be an album that sounds different, and inventive; new territory for this band. So did they go Full Circle with their sound or did this album fall short like their previous work? *cough* The Wrong Side of Heaven *cough*

Starting with track #1 the title track ‘Got Your Six’ , they started out Got Your Six in classic Five Finger Death Punch fashion with some heavy riffs and Jeremy Spencer going crazy on the drums creating an overall heavy beat that we heard a lot on older Five Finger Death Punch, so nothing new on that one. Track #2 ‘Jekyll & Hyde’, this is actually the single off this album and I was not TOO impressed with it because it did not sound a whole lot different, and this is especially true in the lyricism. “All I’m trying to do is live my motherfucking life… THERE’S A DEMON INSIDE!” Is nothing we haven’t already heard from, not only this band, but from many others. Track #3 ‘Wash It All Away’ this is a track where we start to see some exploration mostly in the musicality as it shifts from an almost atmospheric tone to a heavy Five Finger Death Punch tone, it is also interesting listening to the lyrics. Ivan Moody’s “I've given up on the society, up on my family, up on your social disease!” relates to what the band has gone through over the past 2 years, which as previously stated, has been a lot. So it is easy to see where this song came from as it has a very real message in the lyricism and the music is nice as well. It seemed as if they were going to continue with that idea with track #4 ‘Ain’t My Last Dance.’ because in a Facebook post after the band’s meltdown in Memphis they stated.

“To our fans in Memphis – we’ll make it up to you I promise, Houston we we will see you tonight. To the rest of the world – yes we are coming.
And to the haters… wipe that smirk off your face …We are not going anywhere … This ain’t my last dance!”

So I figured this song was going to be about the struggles that eventually led to the meltdown. I was a little disappointed however, because it was really just another heavy Death Punch song. Track #5 My Nemesis actually does include a small amount of exploration it seems like Five Finger Death Punch was trying to experiment with the high register’s on the guitars for this song and it sort of worked. As for the lyricism though, there is nothing new here, it is just Ivan Moody singing about the same things he usually sings about. Then we move on to Track #6 on this album “No Sudden Movements” which is basically Five Finger Death Punch thrash metal. It actually does sound interesting, If Five Finger Death Punch were to ever try changing their style to thrash metal (Not likely) I’d be open to the idea. It is clear that 5FDP was going for a thrash metal rhythm here, and a different rhythm in instruments calls for a different rhythm in vocas. It is one of the best songs on the album.

On to track #7 on the album which is “Question Everything” this is the longest track on the album and while this song does set an intense atmosphere there is not much variation here. Perhaps if 5FDP were to change the structure of this song and make each chorus segment different it would sound better, but it is a nice song to throw on every now and again. We get to track #8 which was released as a promotional single for the album, “Hell to Pay” and… … sure this song is heavy, sure it makes you want to break something but haven't we all heard that from Five Finger Death Punch before? Yes we have. In fact the same can be said about the next two tracks. Track #9 “Digging My Own Grave” sure it is a slower song that eventually picks up speed, sure it is about sorrow and suffering but have we heard that from Five Finger Death Punch before? Yes we sure have. Track #10 “Meet My Maker” yes it is a heavy song, and sure it is an angry song, but have we heard that from Five Finger Death Punch Before? Fucking yeah we sure have! And then we… oh god… then we get to Track #11. I do not think there has been a Five Finger Death Punch song that I actually completely hated… until now! “Boots and Blood” is one of the most pathetic songs I’ve ever heard from this band, I could not believe that it was Five Finger Death Punch that I was listening to. It’s as if this song was made just so Ivan would have an excuse to say ‘FUCK’ every five fucking seconds! Because that is all this song is! it is just fuck, fuck, fuck over and over again, and there is no lyrical, or musical evolution on this track whatsoever. Unfortunately for those of you who have bought the standard edition that is the last track on the album. So if you bought the standard edition then, I’m sorry. But for people like me who bought the deluxe edition there is still hope. Track #12 “You're Not My Kind” is a song where the lyricism seems like it is trying to, once again, reference all the shit this band has gone through over the years, and while it is not as good as Wash It All Away it is still passable, and a HELL of a lot better than Boots and Blood. Track #13 “This Is My War” is extremely simplistic, and while at first there is promise that they will try something new, they don’t unfortunately. Finally we reach the final track #14 “I Apologize” trying to end on a strong note this song actually does have a very different tone for this band. The rhythm in this song is very interesting, very new (FINALLY) it is not something that I can easily describe so I recommend you go listen to the song yourself if you are curious, it is different and I am always open to different things. Speaking of which, should you listen to this album, is it any good?

Well that depends upon your expectations. I was expecting some new elements in this album from 5FDP because that is what they said Got Your Six was going to be. But halfway through it is almost as if they gave up and just decided to stick to their original formula for some reason. Most of the interesting songs are on the first half of this album and even then there are a couple generic songs. If all you are looking for is another Five Finger Death Punch record that is sure to blow out your speakers and make you want to break everything then you will probably love this record. But Five Finger Death Punch has been making music like that for a while now, and honestly I think it is starting to get stale, I want something more. While I did enjoy this album more than The Wrong Side of Heaven albums, I still want to hear another War Is the Answer because I know they can do it, these guys have the potential. One thing is for sure though, Five Finger Death Punch did not go Full Circle on this record, and while you can tell they tried too at points, most of the album is the same Five Finger Death Punch we’ve always known. If you are going to listen and or buy this album though, here is a word of advice: Be ready to skip past Boots and Blood because you do not want to listen to it.
Goddamn I hated that song.

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