The Theory of Everything

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Band Name Ayreon
Album Name The Theory of Everything
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 28 Oktober 2013
Musik GenreProgressive Metal
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen121


1. Phase I: Singularity 23:29
a/ Prologue: The Blackboard
b/ The Theory of Everything Part. 1
c/ Patterns
d/ The Prodigy's World
e/ The Teacher's Discovery
f/ Love and Envy
g/ Progressive Waves
h/ The Gift
i/ The Eleventh Dimension
j/ Inertia
k/ The Theory of Everything Part. 2
2. Phase II: Symmetry 21:31
a/ The Consultation
b/ Diagnosis
c/ The Argument 1
d/ The Rival's Dilemma
e/ Surface Tension
f/ A Reason to Live
g/ Potential
h/ Quantum Chaos
i/ Dark Medicine
j/ Alive!
k/ The Prediction
1. Phase III: Entanglement 22:34
a/ Fluctuations
b/ Transformation
c/ Collision
d/ Side Effects
e/ Frequency Modulation
f/ Magnetism
g/ Quid Pro Quo
h/ String Theory
i/ Fortune?
2. Phase IV: Unification 22:20
a/ Mirror of Dreams
b/ The Lighthouse
c/ The Argument 2
d/ The Parting
e/ The Visitation
f/ The Breakthrough
g/ The Note
h/ The Uncertainty Principle
i/ Dark Energy
j/ The Theory of Everything Part. 3
k/ The Blackboard (Reprise)
Total playing time 1:29:54