The Reawakening

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Band Name The Berzerker
Album Name The Reawakening
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 01 September 2008
Musik GenreIndustrial Death
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen21


1. Wisdom and Corruption
2. Unforgotten Force
3. Caught in the Crossfire
4. The Deception
5. Disassembly Line
6. Evolution of Aggression
7. Your Final Seconds
8. Harvesting a Loved One
9. Internal Examination
10. Spare Parts
Bonustracks (Digipack Edition)
11. Spare Parts (Namshubofenki Mix)
12. Spare Parts (Bazooka Mix)
13. Caught in the Crossfire (Zardonic Mix)
14. Spare Parts (Delta 9 Mix)
15. Caught in the Crossfire (Stanley Cupid Mix)
16. Spare Parts (Frazzbass Mix)

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