Stones Grow Her Name

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Band Name Sonata Arctica
Album Name Stones Grow Her Name
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 18 Mai 2012
Labels Nuclear Blast
Recorded at Sonic Pump Studios
Musik GenreMelodic Power
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen173


1. Only the Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)
2. Shitload of Money
3. Losing My Insanity
4. Somewhere Close to You
5. I Have a Right
6. Alone in Heaven
7. The Day
8. Cinderblox
9. Don't Be Mean
10. Wildfire, Part:II - One with the Mountain
11. Wildfire, Part:III - Wildfire Town, Population: 0
Bonustrack (Digibook - Box Nuclear Blast)
12. Tonight I Dance Alone
Bonustrack (Japanese Edition)
12. One-Two-Free-Fall