The Shadowthrone

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Band Name Satyricon
Album Name The Shadowthrone
Type Album
发布日期 12 九月 1994
出版公司 Moonfog Productions
音乐风格Black Metal


Re-Issue in 2021 by Napalm Records
 Hvite Krists Død
 In the Mist by the Hills
 Woods to Eternity
 Dominions of Satyricon
 The King of the Shadowthrone
 I en Svart Kiste

Total playing time: 49:01

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评论 @ CLucker666

20 十二月 2011

For all Black Metal lovers!

Satyricon is a Norwegian Black Metal band and The Shadowthrone is their second full-length album. It is the first and only album I have listened to by Satyricon. But after hearing this I can guarantee I will check out more. I hope you guys do the same.

The first song Hvite Krists Dod, has a slower melodic/atmospheric beat to it, and it got me into the album very quick. Most good classic Black Metal usually has a very atmospheric feeling to it and I think Satyricon does a great job of adding this appeal to their music. I would group this band along with Marduk, because they both have more of a brutal black sound to them. I really liked track number two, In The Midst By The Hills. I thought it had a very memorable riff In it and the blast beats kept up with the tempo very well. The tempo of the song sometimes got faster towards the end of the song, then slowed back down for an epic ending.

The vocals are a higher pitched growl with definitely a Black Metal sound to them and fit in perfectly. The growls are definitely one of my favorite parts of this band, it is a unique sounding growl. I can't really compare it to anyone but it is not something that takes time to get use to. I am sure any true Black Metal fan will enjoy it as much as I do.

You do not usually hear melodic elements in older Black Metal bands but the song Woods to Eternity, it is shown a lot with a small acoustic part. It adds a ton of emotion to the song. I wish it could have been just a little bit longer. Most everything I have heard from this band recently has highly impressed me.

The drumming sounds a little better than most of the genre. He usually sticks with blast beats and usual beats that go with the guitars, but I like the sound of his symbols and double bass a lot. The double bass doesn't have a lot of pop to it and usually that's a bad thing. But it stuck out a lot in this album. At first I was kind of wanting more, but as I moved further in the album it grew on me. I started to enjoy it more and more each song.

In the song Vikingland you can hear wind blowing in some of the parts and it is kind of hard to hear, but if you listen hard enough start to feel like you're in Norway which made me fall in love with this song. Towards the end there is a man making a low humming noise which definitely made the name Vikingland fit. Dominions of Satyricon is 9 and half minutes of excellent pure Black Metal. The riffs are so amazingly structured and everything in that song has a great feel to it. It was one of the more memorable songs on the album and it leads up to the outright song great.

The King of The Shadowthrone started off as a mid paced song and then went into an melodic acoustic ending. Which was a perfect lead up to the outro, which is an instrumental, with a variety of different instruments played. I really enjoyed this whole album and I think it deserves a 17/20.

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Crinn - 20 十二月 2011: nice review!
CLucker666 - 20 十二月 2011: Thanks man got one for Nattefrost and darkthrone pending right now
CLucker666 - 06 一月 2012: why did this change to a comment??? :/